Great Lakes Regional 08

Anyone else stoked for this regional? Last year was great as always and I expect to see a lot of quality teams make an appearance once again: 33, 47, 65, 66, 67, 70, 279, 451, 469, 494, 548, 830, 1023, 503, 1015, 573.

Team 573 is hard at work and looks forward to another exciting competition. Who else is pumped?!?!

After being a two regional finalist last year, we are looking to go all out this year. And everyone believes we have the robot to do it with.

You guys were great competition last year, I’m sure you will come up big this year too.

Thanks a lot.

So I see that this is gonna be a two team competition to the death and the other 61 teams are just gonna watch. Sorry, smart mouth remarks are specialty of mine but serious, where are the other 61 teams?

Team 1732 will be ready for the Great lakes Regional as the only team from Wisconsin there. We went to the Midwest regional for the past two years, but wanted to see what Great Lakes had to offer.

team 27 is in the house this year
hoping for a tough competition

after two years of great lakes being not much more then a chance to work on bot, it is going to be nice to come in with one regional done.western first this year. after last years double cap, iri six, and atlanta curie,i don’t know what surprise the team could pull off this year. maybe we will let the drive team take some matches off this year. :wink:

Mr. R, you’re putting a lot of pressure on me aren’t you… I think we might be able to pull that off… Well, if all goes well, our drive team can bring some lawn chairs and a cooler of mountain dew to the matches… :smiley:

sorry, didn’t mean to put pressure on you. how about just a hurdle during auto? that shouldn’t be to hard.:smiley:

i am part of a rookie team for 2506. i guess we will be joining you guys this year. Im super stoked though. Trying to get our own cheering section and stuff

All three Purdue teams (461, 1646, 1747) will be making an appearance at this one. We’ll bring a taste of Indiana for you guys :smiley:

461 is really pumped about going to Great Lakes this year! You can find people walkingaround saying “Ypsilanti” to themselves… :slight_smile:

Well, team 1334 is going to be there, and we finished 2nd in the round robin last year, so hopes are high. We lost our founding memebers but things are going better than ever.

2591 is goin to be there hopefully to win the rookie all star award

326 is making another apperance and see if we cant better that quater-final finish that we got last year…

Don’t forget 240… you can’t forget the crazy kids with the electronic pigs!

217 is very much looking forward to GLR, and playing with all of you. It is going to be an incredible time.

Oh man, it seems like this years GLR is going to be amazing, I hope there’s some way I can go. Gah! Being at college makes things so much harder!! I wish every team going the best of luck!!

1114 will be missed… I guess

Anywho, the talent at this regional simply blows me away every year and I’m sure this one will be no different. So, after one week of regionals down anyone care to guess what the high score will be at this event. My guess, I doubt any alliance will score 200 points but maybe somewhere in the 160 to 180 range is doable.

Also please any teams that want to share a picture of their robot should do so, it would be nice for everybody to get the ability to start scouting out the competition ahead of time.

Team 573: The Mech Warriors