Great Lakes Regional 08

This is going to be harder than atlanta since all the teams are good.

I don’t know if I’d say harder than the championship event, but it will definetly be one of the toughest regionals. Thats why I’m pressing for teams to share their designs and offer their robot specs, I think everyone would benefit from getting an idea of what the competition will look like.

Well, with GLR as a week 5 regional now, many of the teams going in will have had at least 1 other regional under their belts. This is going to be very intense.

It’ll be different having GLR as our second regional instead of our first. I’m looking forward to it. Lot’s of good teams to compete with.

I predict that there will be a rookie team on the winning alliance this year!
(And hopefully a 2-3 digit team :stuck_out_tongue: )

History tells me a team sponsered by GM will win the regional. Most likely Team 67, they’ve won this regional 4 times! I have to disagree that a rookie will win the regional but you never know.

Some people think this will be a slightly competitive regional. I don’t know why.

GLR will definitely make up for having to miss St. Louis last weekend!

that first link has the champions of 07 incorrect, it was 573, 503 and 1015

Does anyone know if it will be webcasted?

That second thread is off too. It should be 11 division champs—2007—910 —foley freeze.

Someone really should report this stuff or something.

Maybe they are making predictions for this year. :yikes:

Sure, maybe this year a new partnership is in order? We showed you our robot, you show us yours.

I dont have any photos, lol. :yikes:

I’d have to get some to show you…besides the cad stuff, but I don’t think my pc will open the files anyways.

As my fellow caffeine crazy said above, TEMPEST 240 will be there.

Also, everybody wish the Chileans luck:

Hi! i’m trinidad, and i’m of the Chilean team “Corazón de Chileno” or "Chilean Hearth ", the first team of our country, and this is our first year in FIRST.
We are the 2576.

We are very excited about the competition!
I wish luck to all!

See you!


Good luck, you definitely picked the right regional to test your robot’s potential.

see you all at great lakes (thats west michigan right)?

Detroit is this weekend at Wayne State. West Michigan is the following week at Grand Valley. Great Lakes is the week after that at Eastern Michigan.

On behalf of Team TEMPEST 240, Welcome to our side of the globe. We’ll see you at the Convocation Center. Yay, EMU!

(tweeeeeet, tweet - GO GREEN!)