Great Lakes Regional History

Does anyone know what year EMU started hosting the GLR? Also, when did it move from the field house to the Convocation Center? Thanks!

[strike]GLR started in 2001[/strike]
That was West Michigan, oops.

1998-GLR-Awards.pdf (36.8 KB)

1998-GLR-Awards.pdf (36.8 KB)

Sorry Mark.

GLR started in 1998.

The first year it was held at Bowen Field House on the main part of campus. It moved to the Convocation Center for 1999, then back to Bowen Field House for 2000. Then it moved back to the Convocation Center for 2001 and it has been there ever since.

I’ve competed at all of them except for 2004, but I attended that one as a spectator.

I defer :slight_smile:

When Dave Verbrugge introduces a representative of Eastern Michigan University at MSC (formerly GLR) openng ceremonies, he always mentions that EMU has been the host of this event every year that it has been held, and that this is the longest-running host-event relationship in FIRST. Like Chris, I don’t think Dave has ever missed a GLR/MSC.

I think I even remember most of the winning teams/alliances:

1998: 47
1999: 71, 27, and third team I can’t remember
2000: 201, 47, 45
2001: 33, 548, and I’m drawing a blank. I think I was too devestated from losing in the finals
2002: 65, 469, 67?
2003: 111, 65? 67?
2004: 66, 322, and I’m blank on the third
2005: 66, 67, 68
2006: 1114, 1503, 67
2007-2008 I’m really drawing a blank on these years. I want to say 1114 and 67 for 2007, and 217 was on the winning alliance in 2008
2009: 67, 217, 65
2010: 1918, 469, 2602
2011: 33, 67, 70
2012: 67, 469, 830

Can anyone fill in the blanks (from memory - no cheating).

While the field house was a nice wide open arena, the pits tended to be dark and the stands were challenging. We miss not being able to participate in EMU.

From FIRST’s site:

2007 - 503, 573, 1015 -
2008 - 217, 503, 326

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

I see you missed the part about “no cheating”. What fun is trivia if you just look it up?

Fixed one for you.

Didn’t team 67 get a horrible punch in the nose in 2007 which folded up their roller claw?

Yup, sorry, was having trouble focusing my eyes then.

Ah, yes. WMD was in the finalist alliance with 67 and 217.

45 was on the finalist alliance. We had a good alliance in 65, 45, and 1, but lost to 47’s alliance. I forget who their third partner was. Team 1 later went on to win IRI and about 2-3 other off-season events. They developed into being the best defensive robot of that game, as they would not let anyone on the hanging bar.

I remember talking to Ken Patton after the final match against 47’s alliance. We both agreed that the only way 47 was gonna lose that year was if their robot broke. They ended up breaking a weld on their arm in the elims at the Championships, against 312 and 131.

Andy B.

Actually 67, 326, and 503 defeated 66, 217, and 910 in 2008.

That did happen in 2007, not sure if it was at GLR or West Michigan. Either way it’s not why 67, 1114, and 57 lost in 2007.

I remember it was 111/47/45 at Midwest in 2000. For some reason I thought 45 (the robot centipede) and 47 also teamed up at GLR. Oh well.

2007 and 2008 almost didn’t happen in my memory. I think I missed 2 out of 3 days at those events due to my career pursuits at that time. I don’t remember a lot about those two years other than Atlanta.

Wasn’t that the year that the pipe broke? We all thought it was a weld and I remember talking to Joe on the way back from the field after the break. There was no way for them to make the repair as the pipe had a compound fracture. About 6 inches long and around the entire pipe as I remember. Maybe Dr. Joe is watching.
It was one very sweet machine! Ours was my favorite of all time and it is still in the awards case at the school.
We were in the 8 alliance in EMU according to our history page.

I love the district model, but I forgot how much fun it was having out of state teams come to MI to play - looking at this thread has been nostalgic.

2008 was the year of the decline - I believe the #1 alliance was turned down 4 times before getting their pick. I believe that was Paul Copioli’s doing to break up any super alliances. We were sitting in the #4 seed and it certainly messed up our alliance selection plans.

66 was turned down, by 67, 33, and 27 I believe… Yes probably by Pauls doing, but heck it was a Michigan Event, there are always gonna be super alliances no matter what, pre or post district model.

I could literally feel my face flush red as I read this post.

That robot came out so well. It was nearly a fiasco because we made a major design error in the gearing of the main arm drive but Mike Ciavaglia (who was “King of the Machine” that year) redesigned things at the 11th hour and implemented it just in the nick of time.

We also had a drive team that was just amazing that year. He was easily the best swerve driver we ever had. Most Swerve Drivers still think in X-Y motions even though they have the whole plane to work with. Our driver that year would think it, and the robot glided into place.

And, then at Disney, we ran pretty well in qualifications, we had a great partner (a team out of Florida – HeatWave I think). And… …we broke in the first match that mattered.

My brain just could register what had happened at first. Our massive ball handling mechanism just fell into the high trough as we were scoring balls.

In retrospect, we were able to determine that this was a design flaw baked into the robot from the start. A weld joint that was different from every other weld on the robot. It looked okay at first glance but when you think about it with benefit of hindsight, it was probably braking the first day we started practicing. 3 Regionals, 1 set of qualifying matches and 1 game later, it broke in a very catastrophic manner.

When the Grey Beards from the early days of Chief Delphi get together we invariably talk about that season as The One that got away from us.

But… …life is long, and being a Cubs Fan from the crib, I say to myself, “there is always next year!”

And there is…

Joe J.