Great Lakes Regional

So there’s probably a thread for this already, but since I can’t find it, I’ll start this one. Who all’s going to the Great Lakes Regional? I know that we are (team 67), anyone plan on giving us any serious competition?

Team 201, The FEDS, will be there! I’d like to think we can give you some serious competition :wink:

We will be there (226) but we would rather be your partners like last year

226, we’ll be looking for you guys for sure this year!

1313 will hopefully be there. We are spawn of 226.

We (33) unfortunately will not be able to compete in the GLR this year because it filled up before we could register (I think we waited until the second wave, and it was full by then). It’s a shame, because the GLR is always the toughest regional with all the hometown teams. I’m sure a few of us will drive over to Ypsi to scout, though.

Wow, that’s gonna leave a huge hole in the competition, you’ll definately be missed bees. I hope we’ll at least get to see your 'bot at the championship event!

Well Team 240 (Mach Vee(?) No one is sure on the name anymore…) is coming back again as always! ( nice to see the Feds & Hot are coming as well). Were hoping to get a better robot this year and not be ousted on our choice of how to approach the game (aka too many non-stackers last year). Oh and Hot didnt you find it odd how much our robots looked alike last year? I just thought that was REALLY odd. Anyways look forward to seeing both of your teams there and well its a sad day the Bee’s won’t be at GLR although congrats on the win at Sweet Repeat (oh and a great match with you guys in the quarter finals even if we did end up getting eliminated off a 1 - 2 match score).

The TechnoKats will be making a re-appearance at the GLR. We went in '98-'99-2000, but have not been back since those fine days. We are very excited to be returning.

Andy B.

Team 302 will be there… looking forward to meeting up with the HOT team and the Sharks (226) again! It would be our pleasure to team up again. It really is too bad that 33 is not going to be there, but 111 and 469 are. We’ll be ready… Dragon style. All kidding aside, we will have a good time - just like last season.

302 it’s definately going to be good to see you guys again. Hopefully our machines this year will be as compatible as they were last year! :smiley:


Team 5 is not going to be there :(. After being there for a while - we thought that we’d try to go to the Detroit Regional.

I hope to see (if I can go) some really good competitions at the Detroit regional - and GLR!!!

We will definately be at the Detroit regional. See you there!

:frowning: Nope. We’re not going to be able to go. Well, we’re not going to be able to compete. We’re still going to go. I’m going to take the team so they can see what it’s like. And maybe there’s some way we can scrape up the parts to build a robot, without it costing a fortune, so the team can get practice. Instead of competing this year and having a mediocre season, we’ll use this year as practice, and be the best we can be next season. We can spend time learning the programming, and finding more sponsors, and at least we still have the EDUbot to play with. I wonder if we’re allowed to go to kickoff anyway so the kids can see what it’s like.


(trying to convince myself that it’s really not as depressing as it seems)

Team 35 Sigma Squared is making the trip accross the state to the Great Lakes Regional.

Team 68 - Truck Town Thunder will be attending the GLR.

Wish you all the best of luck at this event and the up coming season.

Team 67 most definately echoes that sentiment. We’re excited to be seeing you, T3!

we’ll be there, in case anyone cared.

wow, here ya go

Of course we care that you’ll be there! We’re definately looking forward to it! Showing that link just takes all of the fun out of it, lol. But I’ll definately be looking forward to seeing you guys!

The Team Lineup gets more exciting every year! This is going to be an awesome and very competitive regional.