Great Matches/Series Videos

I, like many other people, have found myself missing the weekly matches that competition season brings. I thought it might be fun to link great matches/series from this year and previous years.

I’ll start:

2010: 469 vs(?)1114 . Do to weird seeding, watch 1114 help 469 while on opposite alliances.

2011: MSC 1 vs 8 QF1-1 QF1-2 and QF1-3. The 8th (74, 548, 3098) alliance defeats the 1st alliance (217, 469, 201) in three matches.

2012: Arch Finals F1F2 F3. The Eh Team (1114, 2056, and 4334) beat the first alliance (67, 2826, and 4143) in three matches.

2013: Troy Finals F1F2
469(w/ 245 and 4377) and 67(w/ 3539 and 4810) square off as full court shooters.

2014: MSC finals F1 F2
27 plays incredible defense against 67 to take states.

You have got to love the risk of the balance in F3. That was something to watch.

Also in 2010, the Einstein finals. What an upset! One of the craziest things that I have ever seen!

Finals Match 2

This may be my new favourite thread

Here are the ones that immediately come to my mind.

Firstly the infamous clash between 1114 and 2056 for the first and only till this day (in elims) during the GTR-W finals.

North Bay F2, showcasing a battle between an alliance who high goals against one that only low goaled.

Matches with no video (if anyone can find any)

GTR 2009 finals (2056+1114/188+610)

World Championships 2008 ??? 217 tips, 148 dies? 1114 almost/wins? scoring solo.

Archimedies 2014 Quarters 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 The powerhouse alliance versus the alliance that never let the ball hit the ground.

Archimedes 2012 Finals are probably some of my favorite FRC matches of all time.

254’s auto in the last match of Einstein last year was something that instantly went down in history.

I’ve also found 2004 Einstein to be pretty exciting, despite knowing very little about the game itself.

I prefer this view of the field:

Finals Matches 1 and 2

I remember which video this is because of reasons.