Great News from Team 7285: We are now robotics branch of a sports team!

Dear ChielfDelphi,

As the team Sneaky Snakes, we have been in the FIRST Robotics Competition community for over 3 years. In this short period of time, we have always aimed to help the FRC community with our knowledge. Countless workshops and mentored teams appeared as physical reflections of these efforts. We enjoyed being in this beautiful community as a team and collected great memories.

Today, we would like to share the great news that we think concerns the whole community. As you know, one of the biggest purposes of FIRST since its foundation has been to turn robotics into a sports branch and blend it with teamwork. Keeping this vision of FIRST in mind, as the team Sneaky Snakes, we have been in contact with Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club, one of the oldest and largest sports communities in Turkey, for about 2 months, and today we have reached a conclusion.

As a team, we are more than proud to lead Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club to open a robotics branch and be the robotics team responsible for this branch. After this news, we are more than happy to be the first robotics team affiliated with a sports club in the world. We are encouraged by the idea of ​​being able to inspire all groups that want to support this vision.

As the team Sneaky Snakes, we will compete under the name Beşiktaş RoboSports at the FIRST
Robotics Competition starting today. We would like to thank the whole community, especially the
Fikret Yuksel Foundation, which has been one of our biggest supporters since the first day, for this story, which started in the streets, from the basement of a house, to come this far, and we wish good luck to our whole community.


For Americans, this is like the New York Yankees teaming up with a Robotics team, it’s pretty awesome.


RIP my favorite new team name, Sneaky Snakes :frowning:

But good for you guys, very cool.


Not only that but the Sneaky Sharcs will never be the same…

This is pretty wild though.


Awesome news!


That is amazing news, and a huge milestone for all of FIRST! Congratulations!


Let me add our congratulations!!

(we will miss the “Sneaky Snakes” name and logo though :wink: )




Ever since I went to Turkey earlier this year I tell people that 7285 is a future powerhouse in FRC, that just adds to my admiration to this team! Well done! I hope I can get a shirt trade.


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