Great news, Jim Beck is back.

This is the best news with FIRST that I have heard this year. Jim Beck is the greatest. The following is from a email posted to teasms.

Greetings teams!!
It gives me great pleasure to welcome back to work your California Senior Regional Director, Jim Beck. I leave the rest of this message to him…

Greetings and Welcome to the 2016 season of FIRST
I am officially back with FIRST after my eight months of battling esophageal cancer. I still have Six weeks of Chemotherapy remaining and should be pronounced cancer free in November. Thanks to all, who sent cards, letters, Email’s and texts, gifts and visits during my protracted time away. I also credit my recovery coming from a lot of positive thoughts and energy from my FIRST extended Family. It’s amazing to me what 8 weeks of chemotherapy coupled, with 8 weeks of radiation; a major operation to remove 2/3 of my esophagus and 1/2 of my stomach followed by my final 16 weeks of chemo can do to one’s body. No more Flat Jim but a Jim who is 60 lbs. lighter.

I truly look forward to seeing all of you during the four Nor-Cal off season events in Sept-Nov and then again in March and April in Regional and championship events. I want to give special thanks to Janet McKinley, and Ken Mitchell who provided great leadership in producing stellar events in Madera, Sacramento and Silicon Valley. They will both be returning as the RDs in charge of events in Madera, Sacramento and Silicon Valley. I also want to thank those planning committees led by Bill Nott in Silicon Valley, Alan Hollman in Madera and Jeff Workman in Sacramento who worked so diligently on their respective regionals.

A Nor Cal newsletter is in production again so watch for special announcements coming your way soon regarding regionals, grants, etc. For today see our announcement regarding new teams and grants for veterans in Nor Cal. See you all soon. JIM

Adding Jim to my personal prayer list! I’ve never met Jim, but I’ve read above what he’s about, so I’m praying. Jim, please post updates as to the progress of your chemo and followup exams. If you’re up to it, please let us know how much time you’re getting to spend being productive, and how much hair you are keeping/loosing. These may not be the best metrics ever, but they do help guide the wording of prayer.


Welcome back Jim, hope to see you next season!

I was personally very happy to read this email. Jim has been a good friend and mentor to me ever since I was a student in 2004. He always makes an effort to connect with kids and celebrate their achievements.

Welcome back Jim. We missed you.


This is such great news! Welcome back, Jim! We missed you!

Really happy to hear this news!! Jim’s passion and enthusiasm to spreading the mission of FIRST is truly amazing! Hope to see him in the upcoming season at some point.

It’s GREAT to have you back Jim!
I look forward to seeing you soon. We will continue to pray for your complete recovery and healing.

Welcome back, Jim! I look forward to seeing you at the 2016 FRC events.
- Laura

For those that do not know him Jim Beck is a major reason for the growth of FIRST on the west coast. There is no one in FIRST that I have more respect for then Jim Beck.

Welcome back, Jim!

It’ll be great seeing you at events this year!