Great Northern Regional 2022 Thoughts?

What where some thoughts on the GNR regional this year?

Ex: how did it go for your team, what was your favorite part, who was your favorite team, what did you think of a certain team?


You did stupidly well as a driver. Couldn’t be more proud of how well the team performed!

Overall the event was extremely well run across the board. Volunteers were awesome. Ref calls were exactly what I would hope for. Event staff was exceptional. The RPC for GNR is the best in the business!


I took our two teams to the Great Northern regional this year. We also attended the Duluth regional. This was the second time we attended the Great Northern, the first time was the first year of this event.

Casual fun atmosphere. Pit location to the fields was excellent. Big screens to watch match action from the pits was a huge plus. Wi-Fi in the pits was great with our new scouting system. Concession stands were open. City of Grand Forks handed out concession stand vouchers to our teams. Team meals were good and lines moved quickly. All volunteer staff I encountered were pleasant and helpful. Having 49 teams compared to 59 and Duluth was nice. Members of the regional planning committee were extremely pleasant and stopped by several times to see how my teams were doing. The full practice field provided by the NMRC was a huge plus.
This is a great venue put on by great people staffed by great volunteers. No issues or complaints whatsoever. I’ve been doing first as a coach for over 10 years. And this is the only event where I have no complaints at all.


I really like the open venue with the big screens too. Plenty of practice space is a huge plus. I second the thoughts above.

For the game, I think there is a lot more defense and ball control strategy that can be explored to affect the outcome of matches.

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Thank you!!

I agree defense plays a big role. I noticed some teams got loads of defense and some got almost none. I think the defense that team 8188 provided was one of the main reasons we made it to finals for a second time this season.

Great Northern has definitely established itself as the most competitive Upper Midwest event. It was awesome to see not only the perennial powerhouses play well, but also the strong play of all the middle teams.

Watching 4607 captain the No. 7 seed alliance and working their way to the finals with 3293 and 8188 was the highlight for me as a spectator. Loved seeing them effectively pull off the double defense strategy in the QFs.


In the first year of GNR I was local, worked at the venue, and part of 876, so my views are different than others.

So, for those attending:

How were hotels? There are several of them close to the venue, so I am hoping there were a lot of good options to just walk to the event, I hate bussing in to a venue, but sometimes it is necessary.

How was food outside of the venue? There are not a lot of restaurants near the (walkable) Alerus center unfortunately, just the stuff attached to the venue.

How was stand layout/capacity and the visibility of the field?

We made the slight mistake of staying at the Hilton. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great hotel, buuuutttt after finding out that you have to cross the train tracks to get to the center, it was quite the surprise especially when you have match 2 in the morning. The train that came delayed us for 20 minutes.

Who’s got time for food?!?! The olive garden kept our stomachs full, and the laser tag (Northern Air) place was a nice non-robotics\decompression opportunity.

But seriously though, the pit layout, the robot playground, the practice field access, the sight-lines from the stands, and the competitive teams all made THIS venue my FAVORITE venue. There is seriously nothing I would change about this event.


I agree, I have only been to 2 events and this is by far my favorite I cant think of anything I would want to change.

Is Great Northern doing somehing unique with wi-fi? It seems the FRC standard is no wi-fi anywhere in the venue. Is there something about wi-fi at Great Northern that other events could learn from and copy?

I had no idea the wifi was enabled in the venue. The only thing I can think of is that, since the field runs on 5GHz, they were able to turn off the 5GHz antenna on the venue routers and leave the 2.4GHz enabled (not all routers give you this sort of control!). It generally is considered standard practice to turn off the wifi to prevent any interference with the field. I didn’t see any signs of interference throughout the event!


The event ran very smoothly IMO. The Regional Planning Committee for GNR has always done a spectacular job. The CSAs and FTAA had told me that they had the field running at 8 minute cycles or better the whole time. I don’t think we where ever really running behind schedule the entire event.

I’m disappointed we lost, but we learned a lot this year. We will be doing swerve in the off season, with the hope that we can implement it on next years robot.

Gators is one of the best teams in the world. Really excited to see how they do at champs.

Minnesota has been really competitive this year, and would be really nice to see a Minnesota district form.

Defense + Strategy can win games, which was proven by the 7th alliance beating the 2nd. Only shooting from the safe bumper can kill a teams cycle times.


You guys are easily a top 5 team in the state. You’re going to kill it at the state championship.

We should really start a thread about this to encourage “leadership” to do that :slight_smile:


We’re in a perpetual state of being “just a couple of years away from districts”


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