Great Northern Regional (week 1)

On Behalf of the 2 Cass Lake Robotics Teams 3134, 3275 and the Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference I would like to welcome all teams competing at the first ever Great Northern Regional at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks ND. This is a week 1 event and will take place from Feb 28 to Mar 3. This event will host 47 teams from many states around the midwest.

It will be very interesting to see how this years game evolves.

Best of luck to all!!

Very excited to be volunteering as a GA for the first time up in Grand Forks! It’s looking to be an exciting regional with many awesome teams and may be a “to-watch” event for Week 1!

See everyone in two weeks!\

This picture, and the two match videos we could see raise an important question for those of us who were competing at the same time as GNR: what was the story with 1986? Why were they 2-9 and not selected for the playoffs?

They kept breaking, and were really inconsistent throughout the tournament. When they worked, they preformed very well, but that level of functionality was irregular.

I was just a spectator, but I am sure someone on their team could explain further.

Uggh. I don’t want to speak for 1986… they were a class act despite their issues. If someone from 1986 could chime in that would be spectacular.

They had some major lift issues on Thursday, as an alliance captain we wanted to give them as many chances as possible, but lift issues in combination with a slow (for now at any rate) drive-train made us favor other options/ strategies.

My guess is that they were on everyone’s do not pick list since they used a mecanum drive last year.

This makes no sense to me. Even if this a joke, I know this exists. I understand that most teams who use mecanum (yours truly included) do not use it’s advantages effectively and cannot act against very well. However, an effective robot is an effective. In my honest opinion, there shouldn’t be any “Do Not Pick” criteria past not moving on the field. Even then, teams have issues and scouts shouldn’t look past a team who had FMS issues in a single match. It annoys me to no end the massive amounts of bias and terrible decision making that goes into some scouting decisions, in the minds of a lower-end team like myself.

Definitely a joke

One of our brighter moments from the weekend.

On behalf of Team Titanium (1986) I wanted to thank everyone who had a hand in organizing the inaugural Great Northern Regional. It was a very well run event.

Big thanks to 3102 for providing the practice field. Immensely helpful, especially at a week 1 event. Small shout out to Thomas and Olaf. Enjoyed our times together and wish you all the best as you continue on this season.

We had a few set-backs this weekend. We have no explanations to offer publicly, other than we are working our tails off back home to get better. Kids are still learning great things, perhaps more this year than ever.

Overjoyed to see Justice honored as a Dean’s list finalist at the event.

Figured as much. My point still stands.

They were high on 7048’s pick list for the 2nd round. We were going to try to convince 2491 to pick them until 4818 fell to us. They filled a niche strategy we had in mind, but we ended up getting an elite scale robot in the 2nd round by some miracle.

Hey all, Austin from team 4360 Spudnik here!

I want to thank all 47 teams for the best regional our team has ever attended ever. We had an absolute blast and we can’t wait to come back to rumble in the Alerus Center again.

To our alliance partners F.R.E.D. (2883) and Thunder (876):
Thanks our for making our team’s first playoff experience great. It was fun to work with you guys and we would like to wish you both the best of luck in the future!

To our building space (and STEM Alliance) partners The Herd (4818) and Red River Rage (7048):

Congrats on your semis playoff run and all the awards you guys received. We know how hard you guys worked and watching it pay off for you guys was awesome, here’s to more years of working together!

From the one of the girls of 4360:
Dear Mechatronics Team Girls,
Thank you for talking about something that is not so easily talked about. You really opened my eyes to things that I hadn’t realized before. Your courage and you speaking out about this has and will change all of our lives for the better. Thank you.

Once again everyone here at 4360 thanks everyone who had a hand in making GNR such a great event! Thank you all.

Had 4818 been off the table, there would have been no convincing required. We were going for scale bots (we were mainly switch/vault/defense), but 1986 offered an advantage almost too good to pass up. Alas, you already know what happened.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who ran the event. This surpassed all expectations I had for a first-time Week 1 event, and the song was just killer. I still can’t give enough thanks to 7048 and 4818 for a great alliance. This was our best first-event performance in our history, despite some mechanical malfunctions, some of which caused us to commit serious fouls. If that rubbed you the wrong way, I am sorry. These issues will be fixed come North Star.

That answers the 2nd part, but WHY was 1986 2-9? What happened to their bot?

Broken weld on their elevator was the biggest issue that I heard about. No TIG welder at the event to fix it.

I wasn’t there and can’t speak for them, but from watching bits and pieces of matches after the fact (I was curious to see what happened myself), I think they pretty much deemed the scale off limits after the issues they had on Thursday (see picture posted earlier in the thread). I didn’t see them try to place a single cube on it. It also appeared they were being very methodical with the switch/exchange. It almost seemed like I was watching driver inexperience in action (saw plenty of that in person at my event…) - unexpected last minute driver substitution? Illness? Auto modes were running (they seemed to be forced to do the cross the field behind the switch mode more often than normal - gee thanks, randomization gods), and they attempted the triple lift numerous times. Intake seemed very up to snuff. Just looked like they were being very careful operating the bot.

Let’s just have 1986 either answer or kill this convo, we are talkimg about a single team here not an alliance. Rumors & such aren’t particularly helpful to anyone.

I don’t know why, but they seemed to have connection issues. I saw between practice matches and qual matches two times that they didn’t move. When it was moving it was scoring points though, and the triple climb looked to be solid. I’m sure they will have it all figured out before their next competition.

Was there no welder at all? I thought there was something to weld with in the shop area but could be mistaken.