Great Opportunity for Bay Area team!

Open Call for any San Francisco Bay area team looking for a great community outreach opportunity. I’ve been invited by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) to present at their annual conference (this year in San Fran) about FIRST and what a great opportunity it is for students to learn to innovate, collaborate and work intensely in a focused way to solve real world applications (aka “21st Century Learning.”)

Because I am here out east with 1391 in Philly, I’ll be coming west alone and am looking for a team that wants to take the afternoon of Friday March 11th and bring some students, maybe a mentor and a robot or two to the San Francisco Convention center to help me out - we’d be contributing to the “Science Share-a-thon”, a part of the conference where we can set up a spot to talk to the MANY science teachers from around the country who will want to know about FIRST, and maybe even let them drive a robot a little bit.

Let me know quickly if your team is interested - I need to begin to nail down details very soon.