Great Plains Robot Roundup -- September 13-14th -- Salina, Kansas

Inaugural off-season event playing Destination: Deep Space.

Date: September 13-14, 2019
Location: Salina Central HS, Salina, Kansas
Cost: $250/team
Registration Link:
Contact Info/Checks Payable/Details: See more here: gprr.pdf (132.6 KB)

Travel times: Kansas City 2.5 hr, Oklahoma City 3.5 hr, Denver 6.5 hr

Hotels: Be sure to check box on the sign up if you need assistance.

Basic schedule: Load-in and qual rounds on Friday, and more rounds and elim tournament Saturday.

Feel free to PM me with questions, or the above contacts. Should be a good opportunity to get some drive experience for new and old driver alike.


Great to hear another offseason is popping up in the Midwest. If we could get a Google Doc/Sheet with a registered team list available to view, that would certainly help know which teams are going.

Will there be any game rule changes? There may be some for alliance selection if registration is limited though it would be nice to see some rule changes that would spruce up the competition (allowing a preloaded hatch or two on the rocket, per se, or something along those lines).

I think it would be easy enough to add a registered team list on this thread. So I’ll plan to do that when the list begins to populate.

I agree it would be nice for the rocket to matter more in RPs. While most teams still wouldn’t complete them even with a couple pre-placed hatches, that it would let the better teams collect that RP and move ahead of the pack. As of now, there aren’t rule change discussions I am aware of but that is an idea worth considering in due time. Generally I think some changes might conflict with FMS scoring, which would be the main reason I could see not implementing some different scoring rule. My guess is that putting hatches on the rockets at the start wouldn’t.

Correct. There is really no way to implement scoring changes within the FMS for off-season events. Some scoring events can be manually triggered within the FMS post-match, but that get super confusing and potentially starts to mess with allocation of tie-breakers and such. Obviously if hatches were placed on rockets to start, the official scorers could easily add those hatches via the tablet after match start. This is the reason why we mostly see only changes to the way fouls are assessed and rules are called for off-season events.


Tulsa: 4 hr
DFW: 6.5 hr
Wichita: 1.3 hr (a true hotbed of FRC activity! :smile:)

I forwarded it to some Oklahoma teams, some alumni in Wichita who might be able to volunteer, and the Wichita FLL partner. I hope you get a good response.

We’d like to attend, but we’ll have to see where we stand with some other events.

Are second 'bots allowed, and if so, what would be the cost for that? We are hoping to have our rookies build one.

@ngreen Any update on what teams (if any) have registered?

Yes. No additional cost for those teams.

I am aware that 1982 has signed-up. That brings us up to 3, thus far including the hosts and my team. The email was just recently sent out by Robert for KC teams, so I think teams won’t decide in less than a week, in most cases.

In other notes, I talked more to Sheila about filling key volunteer roles, and for anybody traveling in from KC or elsewhere they are planning for lodging and food to be covered. So if you are interested in volunteering that weekend, contact Sheila (

Volunteer applications have opened! Submit your app here:


Wanted to keep up to date. We are at 40% volunteers filled but still have available spots for people interested. Sign up in previous post.

We are working to get more teams signed up. Teams support for the event is important to spread FIRST to new schools, so please send a team if you can. Registration link is

Any updates on this event? With the relatively small team list as announced before I hope that more teams have signed up.

We have cancelled/postponed the event to next year, with intent to 1) find a date that works for all (teams and host) and 2) to gain more early commits (12 is the minimum). The 2nd part wasn’t going to happen before the field cancellation date, so the decision was made to postpone. If anyone has opinions on dates/schedule we should think about for next year, feel free to post or PM me.

September 14 was also the ACT. I can say my team was certainly considering it but when 11/13 of your members are gone that day, unfortunately something gives.

We thought about coming up from Bentonville AR. What was hard for us was FTC kick off the week before. We also do the Ozark Mtn Brawl at the end of the month (Sept 27-28) So it was just hard to balance another event between the two.

That is a problem in Fall. But good luck this weekend. As a personal note, I improved my score substantially (and was awarded a nice KState scholarship) taking the ACT my last time. It was worth the extra studying to take it another time (that I didn’t need). I figure I must have received an easier test that time :smile:

Got it. I know others had some events planned that coincided with it. Like a scouting event, and maybe a FLL event. Also there is a Colorado offseason Sept. 21 and OMB too, though I think we could have filled with enough KS/MO/OK teams, if we reached them better.

I hope we will know sometime during next season about the date (and can pass out info during regionals). Thinking quickly about it (without having discussed with others) I think it might still happen about the same time (mid September), because it works better for teams that take summer off and for teachers, while not overlapping CTTD. But maybe a week up or back will be better. I think second option would be after CTTD – but that only gives a weekend or two (before Thanksgiving). I think a summer offseason would be a longshot (for the reasons above) but with IRI moving into June that mid-July time would be interesting. These are just my own opinions, and haven’t went over anything yet.

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It’s hard to find a good week in the fall. We have FTC teams, run an FLL tournament and a major exhibit at the science museum’s Tinkerfest so we just have to look around and see what works. It really just came down to available dates. CTTD and NTX happened to fit our schedule and I think we could’ve got a couple of volunteers to Salina next weekend but the ACT was an issue with us as well.

Honestly, I’d like to see a summer offseason. TRI was pretty well attended in June and there aren’t many other summer options in the middle/south part of the country. A survey of teams at CTTD might be in order, to see if there are any preferences that might surprise you.

Because most teams have to travel several hours to Salina, participating in this year’s event would have meant taking Friday off school. I would suggest holding the event in 2020 before school starts back up and announce it several months in advance to make sure your event is part of the discussion for teams’ off-season plans.