Great Plays of 2008

First of all, congratulations to teams 1114, 217, and 148 for winning the World Championships. But I’m sure there must have been some amazing plays throughout the regionals. Anyone want to share?

Qualification match 58 on Archimedes field team 1 the juggernaughts and the red allaince were down by about 13-14 points, team 11 MORT caps a red ball with 14 seconds left, while this is happining team 1 comes screaming around the corner looking for a last minute hurdle but their shot hits the inside of the overpass and bounces back toward them. The trackball came down and bounced off team 1 and up onto the overpass and stayed put for a cap in the last 7 seconds of the game. It was INSANE!!!:ahh: :yikes: :ahh:

my favorite has to be when in the Semi-Finals on Einstien when all of the Blue Alliance was disabled (67 - Tipped over, 16 - Drive Train not working, 348 - Piece of Tubing Stuck in Drive Train from another robot) and yet we still won the match!

I just watched that match on TBA and that was amazingly lucky. I don’t think you could contribute that to anything but luck and a well timed hurdle. Definitely the coolest place I have seen this year.

Yeah, but i’d rather be lucky than good:D

Galileo qual match 69. 1717 is dominating when they go up for a hurdle with a minute or so left and something happens and they go over. Sideways. Across the track. They still won the match. It took two robots to clear a path around their robot.

This was not an intentional move.

Yeah. No doubt about it that was the most amazing thing I have seen all year. It didn’t change the outcome of the match unfortunately…but still. Wow.

It’s around 2:05 and the most amazing thing ever. That is absurdly awesome.

That is absolutely incredible. Better than the time 237 flipped 190 onto the bar in 2004.

At Boilermaker Quarter Match 1 or 2, I can’t remember for sure. I think it was Quarter Match 2.

Wildstang 111 put a ball on the over pass at the end game, and Chaos 931 shot the ball from half court, it hit Wildstangs ball on the overpass, knocked it down, then 931’s ball fell into the place where the 111 ball was. Then the buzzer went off…the Boilermaker roof came off the house…what an AMAZING shot by 931!!!

I was standing right behind Raul waiting in que, he turned around smiled, and said “They deserve that one”.

Hey, we were in that match. Our alliance partner was about to mow their arm over, which would have been faster than what we did but I didn’t want to break 1717’s bot even though they weren’t on our alliance. I ever so lovingly “convinced” :rolleyes: our alliance partners to take some time and push on their drive train instead. Eh, we lost the match due to lost time and were no longer undefeated. To be honest I was just glad we were hurdling after the rocky season we’ve had. 1717 went on to be 2nd seed and made it to the Galileo finals after that.

that would be this match, boilermaker qf1.1

I’m not positive, but I think it was Vegas where something similar happened. A shooter team went for a hurdle too early and the ball hit the ground before it got to the overpass. The ball proceded to bounce up underneath the overpass into a placed ball of the opposing alliance and knock it off. It was by far one of the luckiest accidents I saw this year.

How could you forget to mention 294 (and more importantly, alliance’s) greatest play of the year?

Final Match 1 of San Diego, all within the last 3-5 seconds; 1717 places, 294 knocks and 968 hurdles for a 2 point win.

103 did the same thing to a ball 365 placed during a qualification match in Philadlephia. Best part was, 365’s ball hadn’t even had time to settle into the overpass before the Cybersonics shot it off as time expired. It was sweet.

At Championship during Archimedes Qualification match 100 (at 1:32), 190 parked in front of the Red Alliance overpass and positioned their crane in an attempt to stop the Red Alliance’s shooters from hurdling. 66 shot around their arm twice times during the match, which was quite impressive. But 116 actually decided to shoot over their arm! It hit the very top of the arm on the way up, and rolled over both the arm and the overpass. It was quite impressive.

How about the match when 39 hurdled a deflated ball a couple times?

Thunderchickens last-second placing and Robowranglers last-second placing block both come to mind.

the RUSHshot from the Detroit Regional finals.

And while it wasn’t technically “a play”, how about the RUSH pit crew changing an entire transmission during a 6 minute time out, and still getting their machine back on the field during the eliminations in Detroit.

Team 537 during their first quarterfinal match in Wisconsin against the number 1 seed. They were trying to knock a trackball off the overpass and when they turned to drop their arm down they blocked team 1730’s hurdle then as they were bringing their arm down 1 second later they blocked winovations hurdle. I was in que for the next match, it was amazing to see. The whole stadium was like ROOOAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!!! 537 still ended up losing but it was still just somthing amazing to see start watchin at about 1:10