Great Plays of 2009

Let’s start it early this year.

i think that it was in the quarter finals at dc and it was 7th seed v 2nd seed. i cant remember exactly which match it was… but it was close, then the hp for 118 hit three super cells to seal the match.

How did he have 3 super cells? The corners only have 2 super cells each.

then it may have been posted wrong on tv(it posted three little lightning bolts next to the number 118)… but the alliance did score three.

The other alliance could have thrown a super cell, missed, been collected by 118, and all 3 were made in.

But thats just a guess.

I’ve got a couple

1114 won a match with 2 partners that weren’t moving. They scored a full hopper of balls with 20 seconds left to seal the deal

2022’s human player launched a 40ft supercell into a pile of robots and had it land in 1625’s trailer with 2 seconds left in the game, in semifinals.

I enjoyed it in match #49 of the Granite State regional when 20 and 175 hit 2370’s trailer from both sides and simultaneously dumped, filling it almost instantly.

If Im thinking of the same match, I believe their partners actually didn’t show up at all. It was 1 vs 3 and they pulled off the win.

Yeah their partners werent there. I went down to see the regional and that was the first match I saw. I was pretty excited about the rest of the tournament after that.

It wasn’t a game-changing play, but a human player at Buckeye launched a moon rock half the length of the field right at the buzzer, and managed to land it perfectly on top of the vision target on the opponent’s trailer. It was pretty exciting one-in-a-million occurrence.

THERE WERE MANY GREAT PLAYS AT THE MWR, but the following are my favorites:

1114’s match was great.

2022’s human player made MANY game saving plays. She definitely scored about 5 super cells just during elimination matches. And if I can say that all 3 semi-finals matches of 2022, 271, 2781 vs 1625, 111, 1675 were amazing on both alliances!

In those semi finals matches, 2022 and 2781 were both able to push around both Wildstang and Winnovation. 2022 is only using 1 Cim to power all 4 wheels, while Wildstang has 4 Cims AND traction control.

I also have to say that the qualifying match 63 was great because team 2022 just pushed around 1024 for the second half of the match. It was hilarious to watch!

Team IRS 2022

In the Buckeye elims, 1038 and 1787 proceeded to pin an opponent against the wall and then subsequently push them toward their corner payload specialist. The combination of 2 robots and 1 PS proceeded to completely fill up the captured robot’s trailer.

I look forward to seeing an increase in this form of teamwork at future events.

1675 beating the undeafeated 1114 in the last qualifying match, twice!

1675 pinned 1114 in the corner the whole match and ended up winning. But then they replayed the match because one of the winning teams alliance partners was never enabled. So they replayed, and they did it again!

I think that is what killed 1114. Before those matches they were unstoppable. Then 1675 showed the rest of the competition that they could be stopped. So they were stopped in the quarterfinals too. Ended up #1 seed losing to #8 seed. Great matches.

While this wasn’t game changing either, and also during a practice match. Team 2410’s robot launched a moon rock onto the top of the vison target aswell. Unfoftunately, this was not ruled as a scored moonrock. The entire crowd was unhappy :(.

Your drivers should have been unhappy as well. Practice match or not I would have contested this with the Head Ref to assure that this was correctly scored if it happened during Quals or Elims.

SCORED: A GAME PIECE is SCORED when it is fully supported by the TRAILER or other GAME PIECES that have been SCORED.

The Vision Target is a part of the Trailer, so if the ball was fully supported by the target it should have been scored.

I think it was at Midwest or buckeye…One of the human players threw a Moon Rock and it landed on top of the trailer’s sensor bars. It was there for a few seconds before it was knocked off due to a collision to the wall…

So our alliance (1279, 118, and 538) had a pretty dynamic alliance. 118 was our empty cell runner. I don’t remember the specific match but it it was usually a tandem of our human player and the human player from 538 (I think) that made the critical super cell shots.

In one match, 1279’s human player made 2 super cells, and our other human player made 1. That was really exciting.

KUDOS to our human players, because without them, the matches would have been a lot closer.

1732 did an awesome job shutting down 1114/71 too when they played defense on them in the quarter finals. Didn’t it get to the point where 1000 ended up playing defense on the defense(1732) to try and free up 71 or 1114?

The first match 68 was a very interesting one… And great for me to see before our regional as a driver! It’s a excellent example of what to do/avoid depending on if you’re playing offense or defense.

I’m working on getting the Midwest video I have on TBA, but since 68 was redone and the score of the second match was the one counted I don’t think TBA will have a link to the original, so if you want you can watch it here:

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I agree. A lot of people are going on about the underdogs beating the top ranks… but I think what is more memorable about that match was the defense and the active movements the robots made. They didn’t pull any “run-away” defense, they went head-on, and forced 71 and 1114 to make offensive maneuvers which 1732 and the others on that alliance would take advantage of.