Great Resource

I found a great resource for everything pertaining to gears and motion.
It took ~ 2 weeks to get the catalogs and the design handbook loaded with info, and best of all it is FREE.

Stock Drive Products also has their entire catalog available online through that website. CAD models for most of their products can be downloaded in any of a myriad of formats as well.

They’re headquarters is on Long Island – for local teams, they’re an excellent, helpful resource when you need gears in a pinch – but don’t expect to get things at bargain basement prices if you do that.

I can’t believe yiou just found them. We all need to be sharing more I suppose. I’ve known of them for over a year now. First heard about it from team 599.

When you want to get spur gears, bearings, bushings, chain, sprockets, ANYTHING:

You go here:

You can compare costs, get quotes, and search dozens of suppliers for the exact product you need. You need to register, but it’s well worth it.

There will shortly be a very comprehensive list of the best suppliers for the best products relating to FIRST sized components on… expect it sometime after Christmas.


Good addition Matt - yea that is how I found SDP SI - through Globalspec
Google and Alta Vista searches can yield wonders.
I agree with Sandrag, as resources are found they need to be shared, especially if a reduced cost can be associated with it.
The SDP Design Handbook looks like a must for Robotics teams ton of info here.