Great source for 8" Pneumatic Tire to match AndyMark

We ordered (and received) a good size order from these guys on very quick turn around.

I recommend them highly. Their price is far lower than everyone else as well.

The tires are not what’s pictured. What you will receive is a black version of the AM tire (anodized black for superior performance!).

and they fit on the AM Hubs?

Posted seconds after 10 of these tires arrived on our door step.

Thanks for sharing though. You’ve guilted me into doing the same!


They are Cheng Shin 200x50 tires. AndyMark’s 8" wheel is the same tire.

AndyMark doesn’t make the wheel itself, he bought an existing one so many other supplier have the same tire.

I do recommend using Andy’s hub though, we bought a bunch and are very happy with them.

To be honest I’m kind of excited to see all the different wheels people use this year and get their suppliers for future notes… I think the community will discover some very cool stuff this year.

Thanks, posting for future reference

Agreed. It never occurred to me before this year that the 200x50 size was a standard one in the industry.

We ordered a load of these, which are currently stinking up my car until the hubs arrive tomorrow/Monday/whenever we thaw out:

Edit: Looks like Amazon’s got a third-party seller selling the same tire Adam linked to in the OP, albeit at $15 shipped instead of $6.99 plus $6.99 flat shipping. From being an FBA seller myself, that “In stock on 1/24” message means they have the items and are transferring them between warehouses.

FYI, the grey versions of the Cheng Shin 200x50 tires are non-marring, while the black ones are not. Be aware of where you drive those tires.

I had to Google what non-marring meant and still am not sure what it means in relation to tires. In laments terms? The gray tires won’t leave marks and the black ones might?

That’s the difference. The black ones leave skid marks. It’s why “boat shoes” have white bottoms.

We just received 12 of these yesterday.
It has more of a street tire tread on it.
They mounted up perfectly on the AM hubs.

MFG is now on back order, 5-7 day wait

I’ve found that FRC is leaving a trail of destruction on 200x50 tube/tire suppliers. A found a couple other potential sources when we were looking, only when I looked again the next day they were both sold out. Heck, even our local harbor freight had its 8" pneumatic wheels picked over.

Which is fine for practice bots, spares, etc…

I just tried to order these, as they still showed in stock. I used chat support to check on shipping time, but when he checked he said they were actually already out of stock, the website had not been updated. In his words:

I agree with Sean, any small inventory most of these suppliers had seems to be wiped out by FRC teams. All are stuck with MFR lead time of 4-6 weeks.

We found that most tires used for mountain-boarding are the 200x50 size that fits on the andymark hub. These ones are a bit of a tighter fit than the original gray rubber tires, but they did seat properly.

MBS T3 tires.

Stylish, too!

Awesome to see the MBS T3 tires fit well. We’re expecting our batch of them on Monday (perhaps later due to snow delaying shipping).

Any tips/tricks involved with mounting them to the hubs, or was it painless?

Nice colors!

But I just watched the only remaining option, black, go from “Available” to “Sold out” before my very eyes.

Assemble the tire/tube/hub and bolt the hub together, put some soapy water around the bead to let it slide on better, and then inflate. Like I mentioned, it is a tighter fit… we needed air pressure to force the bead all the way onto the rim.

When we get around to assembling all of our wheels, we’ll probably install the six bolts that attach our aluminum hubs to the AM wheel before inflating. I’m not sure how much I trust the little screws around the perimeter of the wheel.

I had an amusing conversation with one tire supplier. It started with him saying, “Who are you people? You’re killing me”. He normally sells 20 200x50 tire in a week. He sold several hundred on January 11th.