Great source for 8" Pneumatic Tire to match AndyMark

You’d think suppliers would be happy with an influx of orders, unless they’re losing money on them or something.

Another cheng shin (black) vendor:

Where are people on the east coast planning on getting their 8" Colson wheels?

Yeah the salesperson at MFGsupply was really curious about what caused them to sell out their entire stock in a matter of hours. (Gave her the link to the game reveal video).

I think this thread had an impact on their bottom line this month :slight_smile:

RobotMarketplace (Florida) has Colsons in stock (as well as various companies that mount hubs or sprockets into Colsons)
YMMV with the speed they turnaround orders (or their responsiveness to inquiries about back-ordered items). Generally they’re relatively quick, but it was like pulling teeth for us last year trying to get them to ship us our order in a timely fashion(the WCP hubs were back-ordered, and we simply wanted them to ship us the rest of the order).

We have a bunch on the way. With exchange, not cheap, though. Stay tuned for a photo of them on our custom built hubs. We cut some side plates on the waterjet we have access to. The waterjet hex hole is a perfect fit. Thanks, Sheridan College!

The term is actually non-marking which of course is self explanatory. The primary application of the non-marking versions are on personal mobility scooters where they will drive across floors you don’t want to leave black marks on.

We have been using the MBS vines so far this season and haven’t run into any problems.

Has anyone found a source for the 1" - 4-40 thread rolling screws that come with the AndyMark hubs? We have tried using regular 4-40s and they don’t work well in new hubs. Trying to avoid having to tap all the hubs.

The guy at MBS that I spoke to asked what sort of robotics competition is this and said something like “that is so intense” when I directed him to the reveal video. I told him to look for a local tournament since it is free for spectators to attend. Maybe someone in the Colorado Springs area can go make a presentation to them and ask them to become a sponsor.

When they said “your killing me” they meant it in a good way.

This is definitely good for all of these companies. Although I’m sure all of them wish they had more.

Another source with over 400 tires in stock and they have tubes also but did not check the count is.
Ship same day if order in by 11 am.