Greater Kansas City regional questions

Looking for some information on this event.

  1. Any info on if it is still a week 5 event?
  2. General overall impression
  3. Is it a high school venue? Yes, North HS
  4. Team limit?
  5. Venue food options?

I am with 2 teams from Minnesota. With the regional events in state unsure ( location) and with the talk of capping numbers of teams, we are exploring other opportunities within driving distance ~ 10 hrs.


I hope you dont mind that i dont have any answers for you and instead want to ask about one of your questions:

Is there a reason that this is a point of consideration (or if not, the importance of its inclusion/answer)?

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As far as I know, all Kansas City area events moved into high schools following the closing of the original MCC venue. I can’t speak for this event specifically, but the CowTown ThrowDown event held at another school in the same city is very well run and was one of the highlights of my year every season.

I would expect the venue and team limit to remain the same as it has been since 2020.

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That would affect the team limit ( appears to be 36)
It also appears to fill up every year.
It may also affect food options.
Also probably free and good parking

I do like the production of a larger venue.

We went to the Idaho Regional this year. Was a really fun event. Very chill.
But booking flights for the teams and transportation of pits and robots was a challenge with our school district…

We do two events that both teams attend. So getting both teams registered for the events is necessary…

We hope to get into one " Minnesota" event, then try something new.

I haven’t been to Greater KC but I’ve attended two other Missouri regionals held in high school (Heartland, Central MO) and prefer the food options at high school events than those at the bigger sports stadiums (Wisconsin, Duluth, Midwest, Iowa, St. Louis…). The concessions are actually affordable and, probably more importantly, there aren’t restrictions about bringing outside food into the venue.

The biggest downside about regionals in high school is probably how some have very small team sizes. 36 teams is probably pretty good though.


I think the two biggest downsides are that the pit area is smaller, which is part of the 36 or so team limit. And second that the stands can be crowded, though I never failed to find a place to sit.

I think I’ve gotten more used to the size and way these regionals run. The food option don’t really affect us since we do sandwich and chips by the trailer for lunch tailgating, but we enjoyed whataburger and fazolis after competition this year. I don’t know where we would stay in Lee’s Summit but been happy with stay at Central Missouri.

I would guess GKC would be April 4-6 based on their 2024 spring break. Nothing has been said so far as far as 2024 venues and dates that I am aware of. Central Mo dates seem to be more flexible with their school but spring break is often a good guess, though they’ve in past had a Friday-Sunday event with school scheduled off for the regional, so less sure when it is again.

I’ve off-hand heard maybe that Heartland venue could change, but don’t know that to be true or where to. At one time Lawrence was planning to host (hence KSLA) but I think gym renovations or something made them looking to Olathe South. Overall I think the weeks would likely be similar.

Anyways, likes GKC venue, the students had fun at the social even being pretty low key (pancakes and a DJ). The practice field has space (even more than some other large venues) but this year was more limited because just a single set of field elements. The machine shop and volunteers have been great in my experiences, including the MC and the show ready parts.

We would love to have you at Iowa, :wink: but we attend CTTD every year and also like the Greater KC (when it doesn’t conflict with Iowa).

Everyone at both KC events (which are actually in Lee’s Summit) is very welcoming and the events are well run. AFAIK, we’ve always had a standard 10x10 pit at both. The team limit is 36 for the regional. Less teams, of course, means more chance of making the playoffs which is always a good thing. As mentioned previously unlike “pro” venues, they are not uptight about outside food (but their homemade mac & cheese is not to be missed).

Would recommend.

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I have heard some tentative dates that I think should be okay to share as long as everyone fully understands these are preliminary and completely nonbinding.

Central MO - Week 2 Friday to Sunday (Same Location)
Heartland - Week 3 Thursday to Saturday (New Location)
GKC - Week 6 Thursday to Saturday (Same Location)

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GKC Week 6 checks out. It is normally during Lee’s Summit School District’s spring break which is April 1-5 in 2024.

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Nice to know that is Week 6. I figured out the dates above but didn’t feel inclined to check the FIRST schedule to match up to competition weeks, so glad you and Jason provided more insight.

Anyways, that preliminary schedule would seem to make GKC more in demand and it was already a little close as to whether we would get in as a second regional selection this year being on the waitlist for it. I’d have probably reversed how we prioritized events last year knowing how things filled up and put GKC first. Our preference for traveling has been the week before our spring break because they have Friday off typically and families can still go do spring break after the regional. And spring break is week 3 for us this year, so higher odds of us trying to go back to GKC this year in week 6 and leaving those earlier weeks to travel (possibly Central Mo and probably not Grand Forks which some of the new students last year voted for at the distress of the mentors thinking about an 11-hour drive north in early March).

Looks like a lot of knowledgeable people have given great answers here but yes, can confirm that the current plans are for it to be a Week 6 event back at Lee’s Summit North High School.

I’m probably biased as host, but I can tell you that I think that all three local KC events are run phenomenally. We have an incredible regional director who goes above and beyond, and a really strong key volunteer crew who have been around for many years and are definitely team-focused in all decisions they make for the event.

As stated before, it is a high school venue, but as of now we still have a production crew that does the whole lights show on the field, along with screens and sound for the venue. And parking is totally free. :slight_smile:

The past few years have been capped at 36 teams, but the venue could hold more. Each year this event, whether due to the week it falls, or the proximity to teams has always had a significant wait list.

We have a concession stand at the venue, but also have not restricted outside food. There has been discussion of adding food trucks as an option this year, though no details beyond that have been discussed. There are LOTS of fast food options within just a mile or two of the venue, including a Schlotzky’s directly across the street.


Well thanks for the info. You and everyone else. It does sound like a good event but with a significant wait list, probably takes it off of our list of options unfortunately.

Did they ever figure out what caused the “gastrointestinal illness” outbreak at the last one?

Officially? No. I don’t think they ever came out with a final report from this. (But I also haven’t followed this closely…)

Unofficially? I can only speak from my experience as a team coach here.

In our team, 13/17 team members who ate from a pre-order box lunch from a local chain restaurant did not attend school or work on Monday due to a pretty significant stomach bug. No one from our team who did not eat the box lunch got sick.

I did hear from a parent that is a nurse that she believed the symptoms her son experienced to be Norovirus, which can be highly contagious, but thankfully we did not experience that spread on our team.

I’d heard similar initial reports from other local teams.