Greater Pittsburgh Regional 2016 Discussion Thread

I just wanted the make this thread to say Hello and good luck to all the teams at the Pittsburgh Regional this year! Please post robot reveals, discussion and maybe a couple nice places to eat around the event center because this will be our first time here!

  • Team 2053

Depending on where you’re staying, be sure to bring money for the Pennsylvania Turnpike. As far as food around the venue, unfortunately, I don’t think there are too many options. i assume the concession stand will be open again this year…

From last year, the arenas concessions are open. They’re concessions exactly like what you would find at any other sporting event. They have things like pretzels, Popcorn, nachos, fries, soda etc. Just keep in mind it is extremely overpriced and they don’t give out free water

Alright, thanks! We’ll plan on something else then. I can’t wait to be there and see some awesome robots! :slight_smile:

Hey everyone welcome and good luck at Pittsburgh! It will be a fun time again this year! As for food; there are a couple of places to eat and also that deliver or you can run and pick up the food (that is what we normally do):

Campy’s Pizza
Dairy Queen
High Point Restaurant

We are looking forward to our first trip to the Greater Pittsburgh Regional! We will be staying about 20 minutes out in Washington. Anyone else staying there? Heading in with a broken drive train, but hoping to be at full speed by our first match! :slight_smile: Looking forward to making new robot friends! See you all soon!

Welcome! And hopefully everyone can be as accommodating as usual! Let us know if you guys need anything parts, help etc!

The ROCK is very excited to return to the awesome Greater Pittsburgh event. Great venue and great teams! Who could ask for anything more? Safe travels everyone and best of luck to all!

Thanks! Likewise! Our new VEX Gearboxes are due in today, so we will hopefully be home. We are trying to pack carefully, since we will not be able to run home for anything we forget.

One day I want to go watch this regional.
It would be great to be back home!

Please tell me there will be a 50 50 raffle

I can’t wait to be there. We will be going in a bus tomorrow morning. See you guys there! :smiley: :smiley:

Pit map and other (slightly-less-fun) information now available on the PittsburghFIRST website:

Welcome to the burgh, FRC! I’m glad to finally see something local on here.

Last year, we ordered pizzas from Fox’s Pizza I believe. There is also a Dairy Queen close by if you are a small group.

Good luck!

Nice job everyone on the first day of qualification rounds!

Agreed! Looking forward to an awesome morning leading into Alliance Selections. We have so many great teams competing at Pittsburgh this year!

Amazing robots and driving from 5406, 1126, and 1559! You deserve the win! We had a great time playing with you guys in semi-finals.

Congrats to everyone else who won awards as well!

This was an amazing event. BX really enjoyed meeting many new friends. The venue is very nice, and a huge thank you to all of the volunteers and event planners! This was our first Regional since Michigan went to districts. It was exciting and fun! Great competitors!

To our alliance, 3015, and 4050, you guys were great! Two record scores for this event. We are so sorry that our drivetrain went out in finals. Two events, Two completely different gear boxes blown. Sorry we didn’t realize we would be pretty much completely dead the last match soon enough to get a back up in. You did a great job, and we couldn’t have picked a better alliance. Thanks for working so well together so we made it to finals! We really enjoyed working with you!

Congrats to 1126, 5406 and 1559! You all had great robots! :slight_smile:

To 3138, 5811, and 340, your losing score in sf was higher than any winning score in finals. You were a great alliance!

To 144, 4467, and 128, you made us nervous! You really did a nice job working together!

CONGRATS to our new friends, 3015, on winning Chairman’s! We are very happy for you!

Girls of Steel - 3504 - It was great to finally meet you all! One of these days we will get to webchat with you and Panteras together.

6054 - Congrats on Rookie Inspiration, and 5811, congrats on Rookie all star. You both had amazing rookie robots and are off to such a great start. Continued success to you both!

Thanks to everyone who played with us, and against us. We enjoyed MOST of our time in PA (the 2nd broken drivetrain was a def. bummer though)! :slight_smile:

We arrived home safely around 1:00 AM. Hopefully we will get back to PA one day! :slight_smile: and Hopefully we will see some of you at Championships, if we make it! :slight_smile:

One of my team members mentioned that a lot of you did not get varsity letters for your participation. If this is true, and you are interested in this, please feel free to contact me, and I will send you some information to help you! You all certainly deserve that recognition!

The venue, Teams, and people really made it such an amazing event! Thank you to everyone who made it all possible! I wish everyone luck in their next competitions! I would defiantly love to come back next year!

This was a super fun event. Our rookie drive team (340) did pretty well and it was definitely super hyped in semis vs. 3015.

Wow. What a debut event for BONDS 5811! The teams, volunteers, and venue served as a fantastic introduction for the team to FRC. We cannot thank everyone enough for the welcoming atmosphere, even through the heat of competition. We worked hard this season, hoping to figure into a playoff alliance at Regionals and were thrilled to find ourselves in a position to lead our own alliance come Saturday afternoon. To top Saturday off with a Rookie Allstar Award and a ticket to St. Louis was simply amazing.

Congrats to teams 1126, 5406, and 1559 on the Regional Win. 1126 had the most consistent performance all weekend, and from playing a match with them it was clear this resulted from well crafted strategy and a robust machine to execute the plan. 5406 had a phenomenal robot and were a class act. As allies in our very first qualification match, when their robot didn’t move their drive coach was right there to help calm our drivers nerves and execute the breach on our way to a victory. That moment really set the tone for our weekend out on the field and gave us confidence moving forward. 5406 also gave us a chain master link when one of our partners needed it during the playoffs, an exemplary act of gracious professionalism! It’s clear this a second year team we can look up to as a rookie ourselves. And 1559, you were the extra cog the alliance needed for that edge to get the victory.

To teams 1023, 3015, and 4050, those were some incredible playoff matches. Wishing we could’ve pushed it to a third match, even if only for a chance to play another match with our two alliances! I found 1023’s robot to just be a very elegant solution to this year’s game. And congratulations to 3015 on their Regional Chairman’s Award! This comes as no surprise after they discussed ways to mitigate our connection issues even from opposite sides of the glass. Everything from your team’s branding to its robot and gracious professionalism serves as a great role model.

Our team really enjoyed getting to know others at the event, especially learning from Team 2614 about their outreach efforts and ways to take our own to the next level. Countless others were offering advice, encouragement, and help throughout the event and it is all very much appreciated!

We were thrilled to have Team 340 join our alliance. Your high goal auto spy shot, ability to complement our obstacle crossing abilities, and challenge the tower allowed for a tremendous degree of strategic flexibility. This was exactly what we were looking for in a partner. Hoping you can get the bot firing on all cylinders for FLR; a working scaler could really set you up for playoff run there as well.

And last but not least, a HUGE thank you to Team 3138. It is your mentorship that got our team going in the right direction from the start. From our weekly meetings, to coming downtown to help us with programming issues, giving us much needed parts, and scouting together our team has learned so much about what it means to be a FIRST team from you. We were appalled to see you still on the board for our selection at #7. It was a slow start on Friday, but as of Saturday morning it was clear you were the best low goal scorer at the event. Depositing 12 boulders in the tower one match, then posting the event (unpenalized) high score together at 146 points was a blast. We could not have asked for better partners. Pulling that upset was no mistake, and I really think our alliance had what it took to go all the way. Just had some untimely connection issues and bounces go the other way. Things are looking up for Cincinnati and hopefully we can find each other on the same side of the field again!