Greater Toronto Central Regional

Any predictions for elims, rankings and awards?

188 Blizzard Toronto, Ontario, Canada
771 SWAT Oakville, Ontario, Canada
772 Sabre Bytes LaSalle, Ontario, Canada
781 Kinetic Knights Kincardine, Ontario, Canada
854 The Iron Bears Toronto, Ontario, Canada
865 Warp7 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
886 Wildcats North York, Ontario, Canada
919 Tiger Techs Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1310 RUNNYMEDE ROBOTICS Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1325 Inverse Paradox Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
1482 Ghosts Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1511 Rolling Thunder Penfield, New York, USA
1547 “Where’s Waldo?” Whitby, Ontario, Canada
1815 Black Scots Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2609 BeaverworX Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2706 Merge Conflict Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
2809 K-Botics Kingston, Ontario, Canada
2852 DM High Voltage St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
3360 Hyperion Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada
3683 Team Dave Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
3705 Arrowbots Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Team Number Team Name Location
4001 RAMS ROBOTICS Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
4069 Lo-Ellen Robotics Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
4519 King’s Mechavaliers Oakville, Ontario, Canada
4594 Phéminix Montreal, Québec, Canada
4718 RoboPanthers Toronto, Ontario, Canada
4914 Panthers Toronto, Ontario, Canada
4920 Belle River Automatons Belle River, Ontario, Canada
4946 ALPHA DOGS Bolton, Ontario, Canada
4951 CDS Cyclones King, Ontario, Canada
5039 Irish Iron Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
5092 Titanium Tigers Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5589 Red Devils Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
5680 The Angry Marines Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5699 Robo Sapiens Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5776 Phoenix Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5821 The Sabermetrics London, Ontario, Canada
5834 R3P2 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5911 SLCI Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5921 TLK Robotics / Binary Power Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
6009 cyberheart Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I bet defensive blocking robots are going to decide elimination rounds, while fast breachers are going to dominate qualifications. If what we saw at Palmetto continues, most high goal shooters will have a hard time scoring points.
It’ll be interesting to see how it compares to Palmetto!

Any webcast link?

we are pumped to compete at this event for the 2nd year! Can’t wait to see what the other teams have done

1511 is excited to return to a Toronto regional for the first time since the Toronto “super regional” era in 2005! It’s been far too long! Good luck to all the teams :]

I’m super excited to see this regional. I’m especially looking forward to what my neighbors Team Dave did. They always put up a top notch robot - I wouldn’t be surprised to see them coming out of this tough field with a well deserved (and long overdue) first regional win.

All of the matches from today have been posted to the WatchFIRSTnowarchive.

Use event code ONTO2

Thanks for uploading promptly!

Why were so many teams getting yellow cards?

My bet–haven’t seen the videos–would be stepping over the defenses.

You step on/over a defense, you get a yellow card. (Unless you’re fishing a robot out of the defense, but that’s another situation.)

3360 looked great in the matches I watched, but it was hard for even them to hit the high goal. This is a fun but tough game.

Congrats 3683, 4001, and 5039! Excellent regional all around, the playoffs were super close and very exciting watch!

Congratulations to Team 1511 on winning their 7th Regional Chairman’s Award! I had a chance to see a video of their presentation prior to the event and I met their presenters briefly on Friday; suffice to say I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw.

2706 had a great time at our first ever regional! We enjoyed meeting so many awesome teams and playing with or against you. We were especially honoured to have been an alliance captain and to have the opportunity to work with 6009, a very promising rookie team, and 4069.

As a new community team with low/no initial resources we took to heart many of the lessons learned from more experienced FRC teams including Karthik’s strategic design seminars and the general tenets of KISS: simple, efficient, focused design.

Thanks for giving us such a friendly welcome!

Thank you! That’s very kind. I’m sure our presenters were able to learn a lot!

On behalf of 1511, a huge thank you to FIRST Canada and the warm welcome that we were given. It is such a fantastic community that we were very lucky to be adopted into for this past weekend.

Thank you to 2609 and 4951 for being the best alliance partners we could have asked for. You all were incredibly flexible with changing strategies and working around problems that arose (read: broken scaler arm). We hope to work with you both again soon!

Congratulations to 3683, 4001, and 5039! We knew that was going to be the ultimate challenge and started preparing for that match as soon as alliances were selected. You guys absolutely deserved the gold this weekend and we also hope we get the privilege to play with you in the future as well.

Also a congratulations to our new friends part of #teamIMAX, 1325, on their EI win along with a deserving WFFA to Roland Sing!

We will definitely not be waiting another 11 years to make the short trip to one of the Toronto regionals. Thank you to all the volunteers and staff who made the event run smoothly despite a number of setbacks. In the meantime, I hope to see most of you coming down for Ruckus this upcoming fall! :wink:

our vision processing was not working properly during practice matches on thursday, because the reflective tape was not conform as in team update 7 (1ft height instead of the original 1ft 2inches). The field crew changed it for qualification matches, but it did not work for us like it worked at school, so we started lining up manually or doing low goals

I’m super sorry for anyone who wasn’t able to access the machine shop Thursday morning. We had some issues getting power to shop as the Ryerson venue staff didn’t approve of our usual generator setup that we used last year.

Also if anyone had any issues with the machine shop please PM me. We try to keep the shop and the team independent from each other during the events and none of the people working in the shop are on team 865 so it can be hard to know how we did.

Stepping over defenses and sides. Also intentionally damaging field elements with the robot will quickly draw the head refs ire (772 shattered the portcullis by ramming it several times trying to get through it)

In our defense, if the game design committee had made the defenses out of Lexan instead of plexiglass no one would be having these issues. We broke 2 pieces of the chaval de frise on Thursday and we didn’t even hit it that hard. Lexan bends at worst, Plexiglass breaks.