Greater Toronto Regional 2010

What an amazing event! 3 days 50+ teams and a whole lot of fun! First off, I would like to thank Team 2809 Kbotics, Team 2634 The Gryphons and Team 7-7-WHO 7-7-2 Sabre Bytes. You guys were great alliance member and played. A job well done guys!

1114- What else is left to say about this team!! What and AMAZING robot. 3 regional victories, chairman award winners and going into Atlanta UNDEFEATED (49-0-2). I don’t know… I see World Champions. Good luck at Atlanta!

2056- WOW! 8 of 8! Good luck at the championship and i know you guys will do phenomenal! And Congrats Tyler Holtzman!

1547- Congratulations on your first ever regional win!!! I really liked how you guys held up the “hanging bonus” signs when your robot hung! Good luck at champs!

And you know what else was sick… the tripllleeeeee haaannggg!!!1547, 1114 and 2056 all hung for a total of 6 bonus points! My jaw dropped when I saw that!

188- You guys have an amazing robot and I am really happy you guys are headed to champs! Congrats on your RCA win! Good luck at champs !

1310- Shawn Lim said a while before they competed that they were the “underdogs”. Clearly not, you guys are a powerhouse! You guys were so close at Waterloo and GTR and I know in the near future you will take home the gold!

2505- You guys certainly played some nice ‘D’! Good job guys!

1334- Congrats on your Engineering Inspiration win!

Can’t wait till championship!

To 1114, 2056 thank you for taking team 1547 on your alliance. We had an amazing time, and are very excited for our first regional win EVER!

To 188, 1310, 2505 congratulations on being regional finalists! Your alliance gave us a run for our money. You all had amazing robots!

To 188 congratulations on your Chairmans Award!

To 1334 congratulations on winning the Engineering Inspiration award!

Waldo had an amazing time at the GTR and hope you all did as well! We hope to see you in Atlanta as well as next year!

Good luck to all teams competing in Atlanta!

Although our team didn’t compete at GTR this year, we’d also like to congratulate 1114, 2056, and 1547. It was great to watch you guys compete from the stand. You are all outstanding Canadian teams, and we wish you the best of luck in Atlanta. If you want to see those three amazing robots hang just click the link.

Of course, congratulations to 188 on all the well played matches, and the much deserved Chairman’s Award.

Hey Oleg, you weren’t the only Canadian team sitting this one out. We’ve been having a very lovely Easter break out here on the west coast watching the tulips bloom and fresh snow fall on the mountains. (Where was THAT in February???)

It must have been exciting there on Friday night when 188 had the lead. I don’t think 188 qualifies as an “underdog” by any objective standard… unless, of course, 1114 and 2056 are around, but I have to admit I was cheering for the underdog when I checked the results on Saturday. It was great to see 188 land Chairman’s, though, and hats off to the winning alliance.

I’m especially delighted to see 1241 going strong. Even though this spring will mark the graduation of our last team member who has competed “back east”, we haven’t forgotten you guys and our first couple of years out there.

Glad to hear it all went well… and good luck to those going on to Atlanta.


I’m surprised to not see anyone on here congratulating 1305, 2949, and 1404 for the INCREDIBLE Semifinal 1-1 match.

They lost 15-11 against one of the most dominant alliances in FIRST history. 1547 and 1114 were up for 4. The other 100 seconds of the match were for all intents and purposes equal. 11-11, the hang bonus made the difference. The blue alliance was leading for most of the match. 1305 was VERY effectively shutting down the offensive zone play of 2056, while 2949 was rather effectively stealing balls from 1114 in the middle. It was far and away THE most exciting Breakaway match I’ve watched. I expect it to be topped in two weeks in Atlanta, but I spent almost the whole match stunned, I never thought that alliance could even put a respectable dent in 1114, 2056, and 1547’s trek to the top.

I think we can lable 2949 a very real giant killer considering they help take down Wildstang and Winnovation earlier this season at Midwest.

What a wonderful compliment! I hope next year we will live up to our “giant killer” label. We are a super small team, but with some long hours and awesome mentors from Genesis Automation I think we’ve had a great season.

Had a great time at the Toronto regional!

A special thank you to team 1305 for choosing us as an alliance, it was great working with you guys :slight_smile: (we came really close!)

What a great event GTR is, as always i had a ton of fun. First i’d like to thank all of the volunteers for running this event so smoothly once again. It’s thanks to your efforts that this event is successful year after year. I can’t wait to see whats planned for GTR’s 10th anniversary.

Congratulations to team 1114, 2056, and 1547. You deserved the win. It was an honor to be defeated by such a powerhouse alliance as yourselves. The triple hang made your alliance very difficult to beat.

1114, you guys are a great role model team, always with a killer bot, and also an amazing and very knowledgeable team. I learned so much by looking at your robot, and asking questions. Id also like to thank you for pushing us to our limits both in Toronto and Waterloo, both times you were consistent, and a major force to reckon with, undefeated going into champs is a huge accomplishment, I expect big things from this team in Atlanta.

2056, another great team, always top class, and such a beautiful machine. Your team is another huge powerhouse this year as always congratulations on 8 regional wins in a row, and i expect you to make it even more than that next year. I definitely expect to see an Einstein appearance from your team in the near future. Also, congratulations to Tyler for your WFFA, very much deserved.

1547, what a snag for a second round pick, i’m very surprised you were not picked earlier. Amazing defense, and a consistent hang made you a force to reckon with. congratulations.

I’d also like to congratulate the finalist alliance, 188, 1310, and 2505. Another great set of finals at GTR fun to watch, you did a great job.

1310, i’d specifically like to congratulate your team on a VERY successful season, twice finalists giving 1114 and 2056 a run for their money. A very solid bot, you definitely deserved to go to Atlanta. Maybe next year!:smiley:

Thanks to our alliance:

2949, it was wonderful to work with your team, always up for a last second plan change, and always performing whatever task was needed with perfection, you definitely deserve the title of “Giant Slayer”. I hope to see you next year, hopefully we will once again be on your side.

1404, another great team, you played great defense in all of our matches, too bad about getting pushed into the goal in Semi match 2. It definitely could have been a lot closer without that bad luck.

And last but certainly not least, id like to congratulate 188 on your RCA, you have started so many teams, and done so much for First in Canada it was definitely well deserved.

I’l be back again next year, and i’m already looking forward to it.

I would heavily recommend that if you guys aren’t going to the championships that you guys should seriously consider going to IRI. With your robot and drives team I think you guys could really turn some heads there.

The 2010 Greater Toronto Regional was a very special event. From the special visit from Canadian astronaut Dr. Roberta Bondar to the absolutely electric atmosphere during the elimination rounds, the event definitely had rock concert feel to it at times.

Thanks and congratulations go out to the following:

Team 1334 - A more than well deserved Engineering Inspiration Award. I said it last week after Waterloo and I’ll say it again now, it’s just a matter of time until 1334 wins a Chairman’s Award. You clearly have a sustainable program that is making a large impact in both your community and beyond.

** Teams 1310 & 2505** - Congratulations on a well played final. You guys along with Team 188 (more on them below) were an alliance who forced us to change our game plan. We knew that coming after you with a conventional strategy wasn’t going to do the trick, because we are well aware at how strong you are at the game of FIRST chess. Both teams had seasons to be proud of.

** Team 1547** - Where’s Waldo is probably the strongest Canadian team when it comes to the off the field work done in the community. But this weekend you proved that you can excel on the field as well. It was stunning that the 3rd most consistent hanger at a regional would still be available at the last pick of the alliance selection. It was a pleasure working with your team.

** Team 2056** - Most people know about the steak of 8 straight regional wins. But what most people don’t realize is that these 8 wins have all taken place with the same drive team. Grant Durfey, Zac Young and Sam Chiappetta have been on the 2056 drive team since they were in 9th grade. This accomplishment is nothing short of astounding. Aside from their “Phelps-ian” victory, congratulations on the two individual awards; Tyler Holtzman winning the WFFA and Zac Young being named a Dean’s List Finalist.

** Team 188** - Congratulations again on building another dominant robot. But what deserves more praise is your first Chairman’s Award victory since 2002. I’ve seen the effort your team has put into your submissions over the past four years, and I’ve been honoured to give you advice and feedback. It’s fabulous to see that consistent effort has finally been rewarded.

The finals at GTR were truly a treat. Seeing 6 teams on the field with a total of 9 WFFA winning mentors, 5 of whom have been members of two teams in the match was a real treat. I know I was inspired by the wholescene.

It’s hard to believe that this was my 9th Greater Toronto Regional/Canadian Regional. Truth is, I’m already counting down the days until my 10th. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to Teams 1114, 2056 and 1547 for winning GTR. Your alliance was amazing and it was an honour playing against you in the finals.

Congratulations to Team 1114 for winning their 14th regional and 2056 on winning their 8th straight regional. A special congratulations to 1547 on winning their first ever regional.

I would like to congratulate Tyler Holtzman on winning the Woodie Flower Finalist Award. Tyler, you have played a major role in making 2056 what it is today, kudos for that.

I would like to thank Teams 1310 and 2505 for being great alliance partners and hope to work with them in the years to come.

It was a great experience and hope to see you all there next year.

I am always quick to laud the out-of-town regionals that Team 188 attends, but something must be said for the special feeling of competing at home. It is a great feeling to run into old friends, have the opportunity to make new ones, witness some perennial powerhouses at work, and see new contenders vying for a shot at ultimate prize. GTR this year was no different. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the event and I must say that the way those finals played out (particularly with that fabulous storytelling - amazing job, Karthik) really put things over the top.

Seeing some newer teams shining this weekend was a welcome sight. Teams 2809 and 2625 impressed me greatly all weekend long with their consistent performances. Their focus on carrying out their chosen task as well as they is a testament to the premise that focusing on one thing, and doing it well, truly can pay great dividends.

It was also great to see 1305 back on its game. The team seems like it had been through a couple of leaner years, but their performances both at Waterloo and GTR prove that they are back on.

I must echo the congratulations that everyone has offered to Team 1334. I was a floored that you left Waterloo with neither the Chairman’s Award nor the Engineering Inspiration Award. Your team got its just rewards this weekend for all of the amazing things you’re doing for FIRST. Well done.

To the winning alliance, you were remarkable, unstoppable almost, but definitely a blast to play against.

Team 1114 is simply amazing, dominance epitomised; nothing more needs to be said here.

While everyone is catching their breath from watching 2056 take their 8th straight blue banner home, hopefully people are taking the time to start to realise that this team is about more than just an amazing robot each year. Not only was a member of their ream recognised for the Woodie Flowers Award (congratulations Tyler!) and as a Dean’s List Finalist (congratulations Zac!) this weekend, but they also put together a stellar Chairman’s Award submission. Needless to say, keep watching for this team both on and off the field.

Congratulations to Team 1547 on winning your first regional. Each year it seems like you girls put together a solid robot and this year, you happened to be around at 24 to be scooped and be part of an alliance that hung three robots (that was most definitely a highlight this weekend). Not only did you keep the arena alive with your excitement and energy, you proved that you could get it done on the field as well.

To our partners: thank you. It was a lot of fun to put together the GTR alliance circa 2008 (with much better robots from everyone this time around) and give it another shot. It did not quite work out, but it is only a matter of time before we pull it all together and make it happen.

1310 has really stepped it up of late and it is only a matter of time before you become a mainstay amongst the upper echelon of Canadian teams. Shawn (or Mr. Lim), it was a pleasure working with you and your team these past two weekends. We definitely miss you at 188, but we see the great job you are doing over at 1310 and wish you the very best.

It was equally fun working with 2505 (and the 4 188 alumni involved there). Your masterful strategy and shut-down defense are always a threat on any alliance, which made it a pleasant surprise to scoop you up at 23. Thanks for your help in making the eliminations awesome.

I prefer not to address my own team on this forum, but this is a special case. To the students involved with 188’s Chairman’s submission: congratulations! In years past we have had a dedicated team of mentors to help with the submission, but this year you pulled through on your own and did an incredible job.

Finally, thanks to everyone else in attendance who helped to make this past weekend a blast! I hope to see a ton of you down in Atlanta in a few days time!