Greater Toronto Regional videos?

Heyy I was woundering why the blue alliance hasn’t posted any videos from the greater toronto regionals for 2008, we’re a rookie team and we’d like to see our matches that we had.

it’s because they dont have the videos, some events are not archieved, footage may have been lost or just not recorded.

Discovery Channel Canada did the webcast and they have an archive on their website. http:// The Blue Alliance does not have the video because this is copy righted material.

Website not working.

Try this link.

maybe its

Was able to find the match I was looking for, thanks for the help guys!

Shame they couldn’t break up the footage any more so I don’t have to wait a few hours for the thing to buffer enough to get to an actual match. :frowning:

I have GOT to get something to record matches off the system myself this year. :confused: