Greater Toronto Regional

As the mailing list admin, I just approved this message to team 639 members:

Hello Team,

Today, Mr. Wilson has graciously agreed to pay the entrance fee so Code Red can play in the Canadian Regional!
With the entry fee covered, we still need to cover shipping, customs, and bus costs.

The Director of the Canadian Regional would be delighted to have us as another team has dropped out and we could replace them.

Per his request, today I made a written request to FIRST to allow us to go to Canada. Am waiting for a response from them. If they say yes, we can play. So cross your fingers. …

After winning the FLR, we called 2 potential sponsors that are giving us $2500 each.

I can’t wait to be there for my 4th year :slight_smile: I love this regional, the greatest in the world.

639: “We’ll get to Canada no matter what.”

My thoughts exactly. 820 has only been to the Canadian Regional, but it’s still the best. See ya there.

I’ve been to many regionals and I agree. I may be a bit bias though. Glad to hear that you are coming. I will be sure to say Hi.

That’s awesome you guys will be there! Code Red Robotics has always made the Canadian Regional!

I just have started a FIRST Fantasy League for the Greater Toronto Regional!

thats awesome! the toronto regional rocks!

they got authentic Canadian ice under the floor and everything

too bad the fast-ferry isnt running (yet, again, still), its a good 2 hr shortcut!

The Greater Toronto Regional is quite the show. All the volunteers and organizers work hard to make sure everyone enjoys themselves, and I’m proud to say the regional has always been very successful with this goal.

Yan, we’re quite glad to have you and your team back.

Will this year’s pits still be in the small side arena? I use small as a relative term since it is very spacious, well lit, and contains MANY nice projections of what’s going on next door. This was a very nice setup last year and I much prefer it to 2003, when a few teams such as 639 and 188 had to set up in some small little corner in the main arena.

On that note, I will miss 188’s presence. Will some members show up to watch anyway?

We will also miss 639’s professionalism and gracious help at GTAR this year. Who knows, we might have finally had a chance to actually team up in an alliance this year instead of always squaring off against each other =). I think we have quite complementary robots, after seeing yours at Finger Lakes.

There should be one or two members of the team who arent going to California there volunteering, as well as a host of alumni who will be doing everything from refeering to inspections to field resetting.

Best of luck to you and all the teams!

Well, at a minimum, I’ll be there, unless Woburn wants to fly me out to California on short notice… (Take that as a hint, Jeff!)

Forget that you read this post Jeff. Why should he go and not me? I want him to be as jealous as I am. :rolleyes:

Everything aside, it will be great to have team 639 with us again at the GTA regional. You guys always spice up the regional with your spiffy red color. I can already see that tis going to be a lot of fun this year!. See your there :cool:

Nice! I’m so glad 639 is coming to Canada again!

Welcome back to Canada team 639! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the support. I look forwards to seeing everyone there again too.

639 is now officially registered as a GTR team on the FIRST website.

welcome back to Canada, good luck trying to defend your title as last years winners

Were glad that ur coming back. I was just wondering, will there be a Wonderland Invitational regional in Canada this year?