Greater Toronto Teams: Laser Tag?

Would anybody be interesting in some friendly laser tag after the Championship?

Edit - this will be in the Toronto Area

I have to say, Laser Tag is one of the greatest team activities that a team can do after competition. Our team went and played laser tag after IRI 2006 and it was one of the greatest team building activities we had ever done. If you have the opportunity to play some laser tag during your downtime, you should definitely consider it.

Not speaking for my team but I am in. :smiley:

I expect the games will be in TO

FIRST Robotics Greater Toronto Annual Laser Tag Game? Sounds like a plan to me!! lol I would be in if given the chance lol!

yes this will take place in Toronto :smiley:

Might I also suggest paintball as an option? Especially if Karthik plays? The 280 ft/sec projectiles tend to hurt more when splatting upon unpadded bony surfaces. :smiley:

We play that down here in the summer and it’s great fun. It takes a bit longer to organize, but it gets you outdoors, and you can make an entire day of fun out of it.

If a paint pellet ever hit Karthik it would go straight through. If he turned sideways he would be an almost impossible target to hit. :rolleyes:

I’m in :smiley: I think everyone from 1281 is up to it too. Comon 610 188 and whoever else :smiley: Steve, do you hair again, it’ll make an easy target under the uv light :smiley:

Yeah baby! I’m down for some laser tag… Vince, i think you’ll get plenty of takers. Set-up a date and time, and we’ll be there :stuck_out_tongue: .

Does the FLR master, twinkletoes need to come up north and show ya’s how a big boy in a white FRC staff shirt wins? :stuck_out_tongue:

Talk is cheap. Bring it on. If you “can’t” make it here then I will be at Rukus.

Steve AKA Deacon
Scarborough East National Lazer Quest Team member.

Haha, good i’ll save gas and money, we’ll have a show down here and see who’s the big man on the laser.

aww come now. don’t fight about whos the best at laser tag. we all know thats me anyways, regardless of if you know me or not :stuck_out_tongue:

so i’m guessing Steve is good at laser quest

which of these will be the best option for us?
The Exclusive: Save 25% and enjoy exclusive use of the arena.

The Triple or Quad Quest: Save 35% and enjoy the exclusive use of the arena for three or four games!

The Ultimate Quest: WOW – take over the entire Laser Quest Center for a private event for 3½ hours! Includes unlimited games, fun activities, prize draws, and refreshments. (We can customize your event based on your available time frame, or to include meals.)

and location?
Laser Quest Richmond Hill
Laser Quest Toronto East

Possible dates
May 5
May 12
May 26

look for some input on whats best
and get your teams come, spread the word to other teams

I can’t make it on the 26th, gonna be somewhere in Quebec, other dates are good

any location is fine, i MIGHT (not to jynx anything) have my mustang by then

26th not good for me as I have a golf tournament that day. I would prefer Toronto East (Warden & Eglinton). Depending on the numbers the 3 1/2 hour may be best. Games run with 30 people at a time I believe.

Sounds like a great idea, i can’t really tell which day would work better b/c I am not that organized. But hopefully I can make it, I think paint ball would be more fun thou :stuck_out_tongue:

mentors v.s. student paintball haha

you could probably have as much fun with laser tag, paintball sounds a bit more expensive, but then again, ive never paintballed so i wouldn’t know