Greater Toronto Thanks

First I would like to thank all the organizers and volunteers for putting on one of the most enjoyable events we have ever attended.

Second I would like to thank Patriotics (2056) and Simbotics (1114) for picking us. It was a great run to the Championships.

Another amazing weekend. I’ll try and keep this brief.

Team 2056 - A rookie team winning two regionals? Such an amazing feat. Your team will be a force in Atlanta. I’m not going out on a limb here, but I think 2056 will the number one seed in whichever division they end up in. We were honoured to be selected by you.

**Team 176 - **We were completely shocked to get your team in the second round. There were some definite scouting lapses on the parts of many teams. Either way, we were ecstatic when you were available to our alliance. You then justified the ecstacy with some great play.

Team 771 - This thread tells part of the story. Working with your team had made this entire season amazing. From the initial day of seminars, to brainstorming meetings, playing Vex games at the Waterloo social, winning the Waterloo regional, and of course the “12 hour ramps”, it was an absolute blast. Congratulations on the Chairman’s award, and knock the judges socks off in Atlanta.

Team 188 - It’s a shame your team won’t be in Atlanta this year. You built one of the best robots in the team’s history, and have a program that is worth emulating. Graduating students like Carina, Shankar, Geoff and Honson have a lot to be proud of.

Team 1503 - Last year it we played together at three regionals. This year it was three times against each other. You gave us an amazing run for our money. That robot is another one which will be a force in Atlanta.

Teams 1305, 854 & 1241 - You put up an amazing fight in the finals, both at Toronto and Waterloo. You all have a lot to be proud of. 854, I hope somehow you can find your way to Atlanta.

Teams 772, 809 & 1547 - Thanks for your spirit all weekend long. All three of your teams kept the building rocking, and made my job as an emcee that much easier.