Greatest Match Ever

There was a lot of talk about Battle Cry and speculation on who would come out on top. I personally have my hat off to the Islanders and WPI you guys pleased the crowd with the most exciting match ever. It went like this . . .

The teams were set it all looked like the tribe and rage had it set coming into the finals with one of the two robots that should not have been a random selection (hats off to 271 and 155) both. Their alliance looked unbeatable. Yet they were going agaist one of the best hybrid bots this year (121) and WPI (I wont forget 311). The first match went to Rage and the tribe the second going to the islanders and 311. The stage was vset for the greatest match ever. A national champiom that was capable of pushing most teams. The tribe who was with new strength having new wheels. 121 who has the best hybrid and the best human player. WPI who as long as they get the goal grabbers working have 2 goals in their goal zone at all time. 
At the start of the match WPI got the two goals and brought them into their zone. The tribe started to try and take those goals. Rage realized they would have to win by balls so they started to fill up a goal. Then it happened 121 had just let goal of a load of balls into one of wpis goals. Rage started to dump balls and (heres the good part ) the Islanders smash into rage knocking rage over and forever sealing their robot as the best Hybrid this year. They even went on to push rage into their robot zone to get the 10 points  The crowd was on fire as the islanders scored all three goals and three robots (with WPIs tether) for one of the greatest matches ever.
My hat is off to 121 and I hope next year willl have the opurtunity for great robot designs like yours.

do we have to do this again? look in the off season comps page, there’s a lot of discussion about that match there.


I hadn’t seen the other posts or entire area for Off season comps. I just wanted to rant over what i thought was the best match ever and will ispire kids from all over who thought FIRST was to “wimpy” to take a shot when competition gets this exciting. The rules specifically stated that this year would invovle a lot of hitting. So designing a robot that has a high cg when its doing a potentialy highscoring procedure is not intelligent. Thats why i think 121 has a slightly better design. Rage is a good hybrid but their robot is opne step behind 121

it was a great match very well played by both teams until we were nocked over but please none from 121 or from rage or anyone else for that matter respond to this in a negative manner i mean it is over done with and in the history books there is no way of changing anything so dont start the petty bickering again