Greatest robot unveil/ season recap videos

What are some of the most awe inspiring robot videos have you ever seen? For me I think the 118’s unveil this year was the greatest so far. Not far behind would be 16’s recap and unveil last year. Delete if posted already.

Not that they ever did it in competition that I saw, but 254’s climber teaser video was VERY impressive.

One of my favorites:

254’s Logomotion robot, Slipstream, was just so gorgeous.

After that was 2016’s 2011 robot.

That was such a great video. I wish 254 made a full unveil so that we can see all that poof greatness up close.

The granddaddy of them all: WildStang 2004.

No, 118’s reveal from 2013 was the best. Going down the list-
Floor pickup- check
Shooter- check
FCS- check
7 disk auto- check
30 pt climb- check
Amazingly built robot- check
Bells & whistles- check
Shooting down an rc helicopter- check

I’m trying to find one of the greats along with wildstang 2004, 71 in 2002. I belive JVN posed the video to YouTube, but can not find the link right now.

Sorry, but the old-time 111/71 reveal/teaser videos were really good. Particularly the one where 111 slid a spy into 71’s shop (2009, I think?) and then a couple days later 148 showed that they’d been using 111 shirts…

For a few years, it seemed like the reveal videos were 111 or 71 issuing a challenge to the other… and yet, they were only teasers, typically because one or both was bringing their robot to the first event in pieces in its crate. Open and assemble and dominate.

We’d have to actually finish the robot by ship to do that…

Multiple 118 videos make the top of the list

  • 2013 is their best and possibly the best FRC release video ever. It just kept surprising you.
  • 2012 has the best ending ever
  • 2010 is a close second on the best ending
  • 2005 started the week 3 video tradition that lasted for a few years

One of my favorite release videos is also one of my favorite robots of all time. 148’s Raptor

I actually like 118’s 2012 video better due to the theme and ending. Personally it was sad not to have a 148 release video this year. It made the robot release night feel a “bit” incomplete. I think one team that is getting a bit forgoten in this thread is 179. I’m not sure if it’s because they always seam to have a “unique” sloution to the game or if their videos or just that cool, or both:eek: .
If I were to make a list of teams that I would put for great robot unveil videos. It would be 16, 111, 118, 148, and 179 as the main headliners.

EDIT: This just might be where I’m located, but the weekly videos that 1730, 1986, and 3528 do are really impressive! Have other teams(besides mine) started doing that also?

To echo the comments above, the 111/71 “Push It” teasers from 2006 parodying the Sprint Nextel commercials is one of the all time greatest. Wildstang’s 2001 and 2004 videos are what inspired me to make my own videos, and the Robonaut’s 2011 and 2012 videos still give me chills.

We didn’t get to do weekly videos like we wanted to last season! We will try again in 2014 if we can find a student willing to take over because our former is now CAD and Animation and simply didn’t have time. And thanks for enjoying them!

The 973 2012 reveal is one of my favorites:

I think that 174’s from this year is my personal favorite.

118’s 2007 robot is very good too:

There are a lot of possible contenders in terms of quality cinematography, pacing, and overall production quality. 118 comes to mind especially. I’ll let the rest of the thread figure out which is the best on those terms.

But if you want to know the reveal video that was the “best” in my book in terms of impact upon release, nothing will top 148’s 2010 video. The robot and video are both still excellent by today’s standards, but to really appreciate the strength and impact of this video, you have to understand the context it was released in. 2010 was an absolutely brutal build season. The on-field obstacle, game piece, and end game were all in some ways different from anything FIRST had previously done. Being able to control a soccer ball alone drove teams, and myself, absolutely insane. When this video came out, it was unclear if my team would be able to do any of those tasks.

I remember waking up at 6 or 7 am, up early to study for a test, and taking just one look at Chief Delphi. Turns out 148 had released their video the previous night. I hit play and was in absolute shock. Their drivetrain was the first of its kind. A unique solution to omnidirectional motion that allowed for impressive mobility, better responses to defense (no T-bone vulnerability), and mechanically straight tracking for autonomous mode. And all of this went over the bump without a second thought. Their hanger was so devastatingly simple - it just clicked into place and they were up before you knew it. But what really blew the minds of many in FRC was the ball magnet. Suddenly after weeks of seemingly no one figuring out how to actively control a ball in any situation, out comes the Robowranglers with a beautiful solution that was effortless to use and operate. I, and many others in the FIRST world, were absolutely floored. I just couldn’t believe how they’d mastered this game so well, and in such a cool way. It was simultaneously the most inspiring robot I had ever seen at the time and the most discouraging video I had ever watched.

Of course, little did I know at the time that 469 was quietly preparing to unveil the most dominant robot of this current decade… But they didn’t make a video :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that our 2012 video was very professional and well put together. Any thoughts?