Greatest Team of the Modern Era

Team 71 from 2000-2004 (4 world championships) is obviously the greatest team in FRC history but if we call 2010-2017 the modern era of FRC then I think 254 would have to be the greatest. From 2010-2017, 254 has won 24 Blue Banners, 16 Regionals, 4 Einstein appearances, and 3 World Championships. This is an incredible run from a team that consistently builds some of the best robots in the world.

Depending on how you define “modern era,” I think there are compelling arguments to be made for a few other teams if you were to alter the timespan a couple of years in either direction.

For the window you chose though, I don’t think there’s any question. The sustained quality and dominance that 254 has maintained is incredible.

I think defining it as “the era of the National Instruments controller” (2009-present) is a fair way that’s actually based on something other than numbers.

254 is certainly one of the best teams in the world by almost any metric - I don’t think anyone can argue about that. However, I raise you another team that I think is just as good, if not better:

In my opinion, 2056 OP Robotics is the best in the world (or at the very least, tied with the Poofs). They’re the only team I know of that has made world-class, championship-level equipment all the way from their rookie year. And, just like 254, they have an impressive record to show:

  • They have a 23 regional winning streak that required two world champions to upset.
  • They’ve won a blue banner at every event they’ve ever attended.
  • They’ve made it to Einstein five times.
  • They have a 4-win streak at IRI as of now; I think that’s pretty noteworthy. (Thanks Joe G. for reminding me!)

Pretty impressive if you ask me. Of course, I may just be biased because they’re from ONT. Also, I must give 254 the upper-hand on aesthetics. :smiley:

No question about it, even when not accounting for the “what if” nature of their 2015 season.

But I agree, 2056 is a team you can make a very compelling case for, especially if your “modern era” window cuts off one of 254’s most dominant bots ever (2011), or if your metrics for success take IRI into account.

By my book, the “modern era” is the time since the introduction of 3v3 games, which would be 2005 to present. I’d say yes to 254 even within that extended definition based on their strength of late. In the “early modern era,” say 2005-2010, there are others. 67, who took home three championships in that span; 177, who didn’t miss Einstein once from 2006 to 2011; and a number of others. Since their inception, 2056 has been almost unbeatable. But for a total body of impressive work and inspirational robots, plus the most iconic robot in the modern era of FRC—their 2014 robot—254 takes the (chez) cake.

1678 needs to be mentioned here. Einstein participants from 2013-2017 including a win in 2015. 1678 also has 20 event wins going back to 2011. One of the most inspirational teams in FRC.

2056, 1678, 1114, 469, 67 … the list goes on and on of great teams from this era but the team that has the rings is 254. Championships are what puts team in to the greatest of all time discussion.

Not every event, every non-championship event yes but they did not secure a blue banner at worlds in 07, 08, 09, 11, 13, and 14.

To me inspiration is the biggest factor. There’s no doubt all of those teams have that in spades.

Okay, almost every event…:rolleyes:

I should correct myself - I had personally defined an “event” as a regional or district event. I consider the championship something in a league of its own, although your point is duly noted.

If you’re looking for a team that has a wealth of history and is still one of the most dominant teams, I think the unequivocal winner is 67.

If you’re looking at the last 8ish years, 254 absolutely wins. Nobody has been as dominant at all levels of play. They have 3 world championship wins in 7 years- it’s really hard to argue with results like that.

254 is the 67 of the modern age soon to be the level of 71
1678 is the 177 of the modern age

Teams with a compelling case for this title:


All of these teams produce consistently incredible robots year after year, and 3 of them are also HOF teams.

148 anybody?

I think 148 has been consistently competing at an elite level (Consistent Einstein contender) since 2013, it just seems to me that they haven’t been able to really punctuate their greatness as much as many of these other teams (As in championships). I think they’re definitely within reach of a spot as one of the greatest teams in FRC but I’m just not sure if they’re at that level yet.

How about 16?

I love 16, but they definitely perform at a lower level than the teams on that list.
254 sets the bar for me because they build clean robots, taking the time to powdercoat and come up with “clean” designs that involve rollers over bushings and nicely CNC’d plates and tubes. They take beautiful pictures of their robots every year and keep their media at a level far above most FRC teams, as well as having a really nice pit. They run Chezy Champs, which is probably one of the best run events in all CA, and consistently build world-class robots.
Their only shortcoming is a weaker scouting team than most robots of that class. For that reason I think 1678 ended up being more competitive for the last few years despite building what I think of as less effective machines - they have the best scouting of any team I’ve ever heard of.