Green Alliance

Attention FIRST Teams:

FIRST Team 2415 (the Green Team) presents the Green Alliance, an elite society dedicated to increasing the overall sustainability of FRC. In order to offset build season carbon emissions, the WiredCats have calculated that each team needs to plant an average of three trees. We invite every team to accept this challenge and notify us of their success by sending pictures to [email protected]. Upon receipt of your submission, you will be inducted into the Green Alliance and will receive copious amounts of swag from the ATL to display at competitions. Local nurseries are rife with tree-planting knowledge specific to your area as well as reasonably priced plant-like merchandise.

Good luck to all and see y’all at competition!

-The WiredCats

This is a great idea! I will suggest this to my team at our next meeting. I think all teams could use copious amounts of swag from the ATL. We always seem to run out of that.

Everyone needs copious amounts of swag, especially it’s from the A-town :smiley:

But actually, that’d be great! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, or if your team would like, we’d be happy to Skype and give you guys more details. Planting trees is so easy to do, but is also really great for the environment so we’re happy to get this started up!

I like this idea. Should be a fun summer activity (the weather is so cruddy right now any trees we plant would die instantly)

Amen to that.

Im not a 100% sure but I am pretty sure that the kids looked into the hardiest plants they could find and have a list of the trees that can be planted in the different regions of the country that can actually be planted during this time.

Ill have them post it on here ASAP

can u email [email protected] about this we are looking to get invovled and this would be a great oppertunity

If you’ve ever seen us at competition, we usually give out Meyer Spruce trees, as they are extremely hardy and are good for pretty much any climate. For Philadelphia and Illinois, they should definitely work, but still, it’d probably be good to talk to your local nursery. As far as right now goes…yeah, probably not. Maybe once the snow clears up and all :slight_smile: I’d say a month or two, actually, and then that should be fine.

bearbot: We look forward to working with you!

This is an awesome idea! I will be sure to bring this up at our next meeting.

Thanks! Let us know what we can do to help :slight_smile: And please spread the word of the Green Alliance to other teams so that we can get this FIRST-wide and world-wide. Even if it’s an FTC or FLL team, we want everyone in FIRST to get involved!

Ya i’m going to second the motion for a summer activity…MA has 3-4 feet of standing snow and ice there’s no way you could plant a tree right now

Planting trees … good idea.

Offsetting carbon emissions … please tell me you are joking.


All we need is a yellow alliance and we can create an organization where everybody works together and there is no competition :rolleyes: (if you don’t get this than you were not around in 2001).

Great initiative guys! Always delightful to see a team set up something that tries to engage the support of the entire FRC community!

The Kinetic Knights, FRC team 781 help plant 3000 trees every spring. The trees form a living snow fence (pdf), reducing drifting snow, which makes our roads safer to drive in the winter.

I’m definitely going to propose this idea to our team for off-season.

This sounds like a really great idea.

Actually, the team calculated the energy usage of their machine shop during each build season as well as their carbon emissions and the number of trees required to offset.

Alright, reviving this thread!

Since it’s the off-season, let the environmental stewardship begin! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] :slight_smile: After all, who doesn’t want copious amounts of swag? :wink:

I’ll definitely bring this up at our next meeting! This sounds like a great idea. We do happen to enjoy copious amounts of swag :smiley: