green and yellow necessary for can wire?

Is there a rule saying that its necessary to use green and yellow wire to extend can wires? Or will red and black be just fine?

Green and yellow are the conventional colors for CAN.

I’d stay away from red and black, or other colors designated for plus and minus d.c. voltages in the rules, though that’s more to avoid confusion than a safety issue. It is easy enough to come up with a short amount of wire of other colors and it will make your Robot Inspector happy. Never a bad thing.

Green and yellow wire does nothing different than any other wire. The important thing about it is that it is twisted. Some teams twist their own wire using a drill.

No I was just asking, because i wasn’t sure if there was a regulation that stated it should be green and yellow so that the inspectors know what its for. I am aware that the wire itself isn’t different :D.

…and of you do, make sure the ends can pivot. Otherwise you’ll twist the wires too (not just the pair) which will warp, split, and break the wires.

My PDF viewer has a nice search function. It found 8 occurrences of “green”; none of them had anything to do with wires. There were 55 occurrences of “yellow”; the only hit related to wire colors was in R51.

So… Legal, yes (presumbly). Recommended, not really.

Realize the your RI is not going to buy off on “I read it on Chief Delphi” So you need to learn how to support your robot rules compliance by referring to the manual. Wire requirements for Canbus should be somewhere in the controls section. Since it is not there and it is hard to prove a negative, you should respectfully ask which rule requires a specific color for CanBus.

While it makes sense to use wire colors that different from power wiring, there is no rule requiring it.