Green flash

i was looking at a 4 foot flourescent bulb that was on the ceiling of our band room and when i glanced away i saw a green flash the size of the bulb near it. Not only I was blessed with this magical gift but my friends saw it too. i have a very good idea on why i saw the flash and i’d like to hear anyone else’s ideas.

Maybe the light defracted off of the bulb and onto a nearly surrounding surface… I would need more setails to prove it scintifically.

-Greg The Great

white ceiling, the bulb was flickering slower than all the other, hint, and the holder could hold two bulbs but one was gone, there was also a plastic shield over the bulb, the kind in bathroom windows

The lights might have flickered and for some reason reflected off of the plastic (maybe from the right lighting from the sun through a window) and then defracted the light at a slight angle onto the celing a few feet away (this would cause he whole class to see it)

-Greg The Great

Ok I have a picture I just created to illistrate my idea… I did it in paint in like 2 minutes… so use your imagination

well the light wasnt really reflected or projected anywhere, it was more like when you stare at one of those green and yellow USA flags and look onto white and its red white and bluie. my fisics buddy and i thought that since the light was flickering slow enough for us to really tell, the white light was coming in much longer intervals, so then when we turned our head quickly, our eyes were able to pick of some of the light that makes up white light, and since green light is the color that our eyes are most sensitive to, we saw a very fint and quick green flash. but i could be wrong

That may be true… If what you seen was like more of a blur… it could have been a power surge for some reason jolting the power of the light… causing your eyes to react with the excessive amounts of light produced by the bulb.

-Greg The Great

Easy stare long enough at any light source and then turn your head away. You see a ghost image of it. I forget the reason for this though.