I’ve got a little problam:P…i’ve got the values of the color green from the cam but hadn’t found where to put them inside the user_routines.c, i would like if any one can write me where and how plz…cuz maby im noob but i havnt found where…:(:(:frowning:

All you need is Kevin’s code. All of the calibration parameters are programmed in, and the servos auto-track the target.

Either get the “bells and whistles” or the “streamlined” version of from

I have downloaded the kevin code but when i download it to the controller nothing has happend…how should i make it work?!?
and anther q’s when i use labview and take a pictuer the green light is comming out as white why is that?!?and how to make it back green?!?

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mkay i had the same problem w/ kevins code…

i tried to use his values with no success of tracking because it kept seeing the florescent lighting… even with my own values i have trouble =(

more tweaking time for me =( lol… *and im also having trouble w/ the tracking algorythim but thats a whole nother story where it finds the target the moves AWAY from it ive tried using a jump to reverse which way it goes it doesnt help

if you are using the “bells and wistles” version, just use the terminal window to reload the default values. if you are using the normal one then just load a fresh non “bells and wistles” version that has to modifications.

BASICLY keep all the default values, except the noise filter. Crank that up one by one until the camera works the way you want it to. Then just fine tune the other values as you need to.

Don’t add any jumpers because you can just change it in the code:

// If your camera suddenly moves away from the target once
// it finds it, you’ll need to change the sign on one or
// both of these values.

or the termial window for the “bells and wistles” version.

We tested the code out for the first time today, it took about 30-40 minutes to get it tracking properly.

The default colors should work, we never modified those, and the camera picked up the target both with and without a lexan cover over the cathode lights.

Two problems that happened to us which might screw your stuff up…

  1. At first the camera “ran away” from the light anytime it saw it. This was fixed by modifying the sign on both the pan and tilt default sign values.

  2. The camera would pick up the light fine when pointed at it; however, when it turned from one side of the pan limit to the other, it would pick up the light part way through, lose it by the time it got to the pan position, and would restart the search repeatedly. This occurred because the camera searches with the same tilt value at 3 or 4 different pan positions, then rotates back to the start of the pan positions while shifting the tilt up to the next position. During the shift to the starting pan position, it would pick up the target because the tilt shifts at the same time and the camera was now at the new tilt angle. It no longer the saw the target when it got all the way to the pan start position though, and since it had seen the target and lost it, it restarted the search, which caused the pan position to be reset to 0 and the tilt to be reset to 127, which put us back in the place we had been before the camera’s first sweep. It would then repeat indefinetely. To fix this, in the 2 lines of code that set the pan and tilt values for the start of a new search (this is in tracker.c), we just made it keep the current pwm values of the servos rather than reseting.

Anyway, hope this might help other teams with similar problems.

They go in camera.h