Greetings to All

Greetings to all,

Many of you remember me through various FIRST events and competitions.

I’m writing to all to try and save my last endevour, the Inspiration Foundation Inc. Ever since me and a couple of other FIRSTers founded this non-profit company, we’ve been constantly running into people saying ‘Great idea, I’ll help’ and then not finding the people they’re when we actually do need the help.

As President of the company, it’s with a heavy heart that I must say to the general FIRST community that if this can’t show some improvement by June or so, I may have to begin the filings to terminate the company. This is of course something I don’t want to do, but finding this company more of a burden to a few then a benefit to anyone, I find it the only logical path to follow.

Let me know if anyone has any ideas to help me save this organization, as I hate to see a real company that is dedicated to FIRSTers fold. Email is best, and I will be personally following up with anyone that has any idea.

Many thanks for anyone’s time on this matter.

Leon O. Machado IV

What type of funding is needed to keep the company up? What activities does the company pursue other than Traveling Toolbox and mentoring teams?

Our team could probably help, but we need more information.

The funding is really a null point as there are currently no expenses. We tried to find money to help teams, but that failed. There is a portfolio somewhere that listed almost 30 odd projects we wanted to pursue to help all teams in general. I’ll attempt to dig it up over the next couple of days and post it here (in pdf format).

Thanks for the offer. I’ll be posting soon.

Sorry this took so long. College has been nuts the past couple of days, and it didn’t help that I had to rebuild my computer. Anyway, here it is.

Ok, figures this works in hindsight. I have it in PDF format, about 600K too big for me to upload. I guess I could email it out if you’d like. Let me know.


Try uploading in white papers, alternatively my email is [email protected]

OK, I tried posting into the Misc. section in White Papers and emailing it to you, hopefully one or the other works.