GregT...or anypne else quoting Watterson....

OK GregT… Now…CUT THAT OUT!!! I KNOW Watterson was and is a GENIUS when it comes to comic strips… His stuff is funnier, wittier, cleaner, deeper… BETTER than anything I’ll ever write… But What has he done for F.I.R.S.T.???

(SIGH) Best Wishes

Steve Alaniz
(AKA Sally Forth, Ted Forth, Hilary Forth, Ralph, Marcie, Alice… and the entire Mormon Tabernacle choir (ok that last one was a lie…)

“You’re saying we can look forward to robots behaving badly and demanding higher salaries.” - Sally Forth

Steve -
I love the strip!

Keep up the good work!

BTW, are you planning on doing another FIRST- related strip this year?


 Another Sally Forth...if it were strictly up to me I'd say yes... but alas it's not... (EDITORS!) Still, that doesn't mean "no"... I'll try to sneak one in there... I'd like to make it an annual event as long as I'm involved in writing  the strip. I Will let you know if I do manage it.

Thanks for your nice comment!

Steve Alaniz

(Watterson… geez… even my son prefers to read Calvin and Hobbs books instead of my Sally Forth stuff… I need to talk them into letting me add a character who’s out of touch with reality…I have a lot of experience…)