Greigh Davis Eagle Scout

Congrats to Greigh Davis newest Eagle Scout on team 829!

Greigh is also the president of our team and an inspiration for everyone.

Way to go Greigh.



Congrats Greigh!

There are so many people becoming eagle scouts this year. I wonder why.


Just out of curiosity, what was your project?

As an Eagle Scout myself I know all of the work that goes into it. Congrats.


Yea!!! Greigh!!!
Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment. It is a truly great honor. Please introduce yourself at a competition sometime, I would like to shake your hand.


Congrats on a significant achievement! Way to go!

From a fellow Eagle:

Congratulations for your achievement! It’s a whole lot of very hard work, and you’ll reap the benefits later!

Congratulations Greigh!
It’s the culmination of a long road, but only the beginning…

Greigh doesn’t have an account on here so he asked me to answer your question. Here is his description.

It was a landscaping project around a sign to level the ground and to build a three-tiered step on the bottom part of the hill. He also planted flowers and grass around the borrom of the hill and bottom of the sign. This was done at a local elementary school to increase the property value and actually make it look nice.

He also wanted me to tell everyone else that he says thank you.

Great job!
I am working on eagle, and it sure isnt easy.

From an Eagle Scout –

Congrats. I know all the time and hard work that was put into a project like yours.

Congratulations Greigh, awesome achievement!

If it was easy it wouldn’t be so special. It is doable for almost anybody willing to put in the time and work at it steadily, but impossible for those who don’t. The kind of persistance it requires is rare at any age.

So Congratulations Greigh and keep working Laaba!