Greyhill Encoder Values Problem

Hi everybody we are having problems with the Greyhill 63r encoder. When plugged into the 0 and 1 DIO ports on the rio, it returns inconsistent values or no values at all (also these values dont change). The same code works for other encoders that are not the 63r.

Could you post an image of your wiring setup?

You may want to use a multimeter to verify that you are getting signal from the encoder. It is possible the issue is in the 5V or ground connections.

Are the other encoders that work a match for the 63R in terms of resolution?
That’d be the only potential issue in testing with the same code for each.

So you’re assuming electrical or a broken encoder?

Is this encoder new or has it been used elsewhere before?

Is this a model with pins on the back or does it have an integrated cable?
Check that the pinout isn’t reversed or something like that. The pins should be labeled on the case.
If a separate cable check continuity from end to end of each of the lines (+v, Gnd, A, B) and that there are no shorted pins or touching bare wires anywhere.
Test that the 63R +V pin and ground pin are connected and powered.

Do you know anyone with an oscilloscope you can use on the signal outputs? Supply power and round, then just watch each signal line.