Greyhill Encoders?

I’m not really an electrical guy.

The Grayhill encoders come with either pins or a ribbon cable terminated by a molex connector. Which version do teams find easiest to use?

The horribly amateur electrical guy in me says “Bend the pins into a circle, put a wire through, solder and put some heatshrink on it.” But, I think those pins are probably meant for a circuit board, not for bending.

[Sorry for misspelling ‘Grayhill’ in the title. Can’t change that. Only putting this here so a search later will find this thread.]

We use the connector and then cut the cable and connect to that. It gets messy to bend or solder directly to any encoder. Additionally its obviously easier to replace the encoder if need be.

I found a connector that will work with the PIN version of this encoder.

Saves us a bit of money, the price for the encoder with the pins is about $30 less then the version with the cable. Bought it at Mouser.