GreyT Claw/Elevator Reveals?

So in browsing so many reveal videos the past few days I was hoping to see a few greyt claws or elevators. I don’t think I came upon anything. Has anyone used a greyt product this season and/or put out a reveal video? Any thoughts/stories?

I think the fact that the GreyT elevator and Claw was released after the start of season is part of the reason why we haven’t been seeing many. Also, reveal videos are normally released by teams that have more resources and or are done early, which isn’t really the target market of the GreyT products in my opinion.

Fair point. This is what I was thinking as well, but who knows. Maybe even clips of videos during testing would be interesting.

Team 333 is the only one I’ve seen so far to use the Greyt Roller Claw.

heavily inspired by

Ahh, ya fooled me.