GreyT Elevator v3 Design Spreadsheet

With the new Greyt Elevator v3 releasing today I decided to make a simple spreadsheet for teams like mine who already have certain components, but still want to know what to buy.

This design sheet currently includes:

  • Options to select which individual items and quantities to purchase.
  • Size calculator that calculates carriage width and travel distance of the elevator based on size inputs.
  • It also calculates the amount of box tube required to build any given size, which is automatically input to the price calculator as well.
  • Certain items that can be purchased cheaper from other sources are linked at the bottom, with notes on the potential tradeoffs.

Iā€™m also working on adding options for the gearbox kits. This will hopefully have an option to use the MAXPlanetary gearbox instead of a VersaPlanetary, but I need to work that out in CAD first.

Greyt Elevator v3 Design Spreadsheet v1.0


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