Greyt Universal Cascade Elevator and Powercube Claw


I’m excited to announce two new products being sold at!

The first is a universal cascade elevator with everything you need to make it

The second is a super adjustable static or pneumatically actuated claw for Powercubes, but it has enough adjustment that it could be used for games like 2011, etc…

Both show as backordered now, but will be ready to ship out Mon/Tues of this coming week.

We’re sorry for the two week delay since kickoff, but these were conceived of and entirely sourced since then!

We plan to do the same next year, but ideally a week or more sooner into the season.

All the plates and non-Vex/non-WCP parts are sourced locally so we should be able to keep up with order demand easily.

Thanks to RC and WCProducts for making this all possible!


Any word on when the ramp kit will be available?


Bonus points if it includes assembly instructions and prewritten code.


Thanks Adam. A couple of questions:

  • is that 2x1?
  • can we purchase the bearings/gussets/pulleys/cable without the versaframe?
  • any larger images?


What’s shown is 2x1x.1 Versaframe, but any 2x1 metal could be used.

The gussets are designed to attach almost entirely to the existing holes leaving minimal custom work for teams. You’d have to place all the holes on regular tubing of course.

the Kit includes all the custom gussets, fasteners, bearings, rod ends, etc… you need, and the Vex parts are separate.


Ah, so, the base kit is all the stuff I actually need, and I don’t have to buy more versaplanetaries that I don’t need more of. I’m all for it then. Thanks for clarifying.


Very cool that this exists for teams to get from a COTS supplier! It’s great that this came together.

I realize that the Greyt Roller Claw is a fairly flexible design as you mention, but I am curious to know if any actual testing has been done with an assembled version, some sort of intake wheel setup, and the Power Cubes. I can understand if it hasn’t been tested considering the timeline you and WCP were trying to complete, and of course, there still needs to be some things for teams figure out! :stuck_out_tongue:


i have a good feeling that this thread will be extremely on line discourse


While I support more generic COTS items like the multitude of elevator kits that are on the market this year, a COTS component designed as a specific game piece manipulator rubs me the wrong way.


I am confidant the claw has numerous configurations based on wheel type that will work great. It is on the teams to assemble and essentially prototype on the claw by trying different pivot points/lengths and wheel types to dial it in to their purposes.

As cut it has not been tested, but 973 has done many prototypes with analogous dimensions that did work well.

It also has enough adjustment to be just about every ri3d/everybot/etc… intake I have seen publicly displayed thus far.


Here is a higher res image of the GreyT Elevator and of the GreyT Claw.

These are fantastic resources for the FIRST community, not only for Power Up, but for a variety of FRC challenges (any game can use an elevator :wink: ). Between this and the WCP MCC, I expect to see the general level of play in Power Up be the highest we’ve seen in recent FRC history, which is an awesome thing.

I wanna give a huge thanks to Adam and the 973 crew for creating these products and giving teams opportunities to play like the pros without needing the resources of them. This is how you raise the competitive floor. If only such greyt mechanisms were around when I was a student :rolleyes: .


Am I right in interpreting the description properly that you choose either the Vex OR the 32DP option, not both?




Darn, I desperately need decent COTS solution that allows for cascading with 1x1 aluminum, I got my hopes up for a second there… :frowning:


I like the intent behind this season’s COTS releases, where we want to help out the have not teams of FRC and raise the competitive floor to make this competition more enjoyable for everyone. I just don’t think this is the best way.

The price alone is going to lock out the teams that need this the most, while teams that currently build their own mechanisms might decide it’d just be easier to spend the budget on a kit to get that better build quality and extra practice time. Why spend time and money on from scratch mechanisms that may or may not work as well as something readily available?

In my opinion, this will widen the gap between the haves and have nots; as it is now, a team with drive and determination can overcome some of the limits of budget and resources differences.

I still appreciate the time and commitment people put into the kits this year, I’m sure there will be teams that greatly benefit and will have one of their best years this season.


I believe rev has elevator bearings for 1*1 tubing


I was wondering how many versions of this robot we would see this year. When you make all the parts so easily available I think the percentage might go up a bit! We’ve already been studying the 973 offseason elevator from 2011, and this is a good resource.


The VEX plates support 1x1. Check out the drawings for the assembly.


A day after we ordered $200 in bearings…

Looks awesome. Is there CAD for this?


I like this. Stupid questions time:eek: …I’m just a teacher so bear with me…
How many stages does this elevator have? Will it reach the bar? Will it be able to place cubes into the scale? If not, what will I need to purchase to make it work for both functions please?

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