Grid Interface for Android

Hello everyone! We (team 5907) have developed an app for keeping track of the status of the grids throughout the match to make it easier to coordinate among your own team and with your alliance partners. You can find a link to the APK here .


  • To reset the status of the grid, simply fully close and reopen the app.
  • Tapping on a square will indicate that it has been scored.
  • The TOP row represents the hybrid nodes, and the BOTTOM row represents the high nodes. This is so that the closest row to you on the screen is the closest row to you in real life.
  • The app is meant for use in landscape mode. I would recommend turning off autorotate just so that in the heat of a match there are no issues with the screen rotating.
  • The green square is an indication of where the app thinks you should score next. It prioritizes completing links as the highest priority, and otherwise it will just recommend the next highest available node. The top banner indicates the top of element that it recommends you should score next, and it recommends cubes for all hybrid nodes (because most teams find it easier to pick up cubes than cones)

Here is a guide about how to upload an APK to an android device from a PC
Here is a guide about how to install an APK to an android device from chrome and install it just on the android device



You might want to clear this with the head ref before pulling out your phone in the middle of a match to avoid any perceived H303 violations.

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