Grid Scoring Outcomes

@Caleb_Sykes inspired @Owen_Busler and I to take a look at game pieces scored so far this season. Using some data off of Blue Alliance APIs and the like, we gathered the following data on average game pieces scored by an alliance per match and percent of game pieces scored at each level. This data is split between Quals and Elims, being up to date accurate at time of posting, but plan to keep track of it after each week to see how it changes! :+1:



Can you provide the week by week data ss well?

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I would be interested to see auto percentages

Broken down by auto. Raw data: TBA Data - Google Sheets

Edit: updated pic. adding an apology to TBA. I didnt realize when you call getMatches it returns all the scoring data I need. I was calling getMatchKeys, then calling getMatch for every single match. Probably wasted 10k ish API hits… Sowwie…


Interesting… Thanks!

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I don’t believe we can distinguish week 1 from 2 after the fact, but we can specify going forward by taking the Δ from week to week.


It’s possible, just needs to be coded. I can do it tonight and it will be easy in later weeks.


Howdy! All the data is in the google sheet: TBA Data - Google Sheets

Here are 2 fun screenshots:

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Looks like we are steadily getting better! Should be some very high scoring DCMP in the next few weeks.

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