Posted by Justin Stiltner.

Student on team #388, Epsilon, from Grundy High School and NASA, American Electric Power, Town of Grundy.

Posted on 10/15/2000 6:32 PM MST

There is a good sale on 4’ angel grinders at sears right now they are $30 a peice and they also have a lot of other tools on sale.
I got one of thies grinders and I thought that some other people might like to know too.

you can never have enough good tools.

Justin Stiltner
Team #388
Grundy Va,

Posted by Matt Leese.

Other on team #73 from Edison Technical HS and Rochester Institute of Technology.

Posted on 10/15/2000 8:24 PM MST

In Reply to: Grinders posted by Justin Stiltner on 10/15/2000 6:32 PM MST:

I’m trying to remember about the angle grinders at Sear’s and I believe $30 is a regular price (I worked in Sear’s Hardware over the summer). You have to be careful with Sear’s (and really any retailer) in that advertised prices do not mean somethings on sale. That said, I personally wasn’t overly impressed by those Grinders. Going for a slightly more powerful model is probably a good idea. If you buy from Sear’s the Production Protection Plan might be a good idea since the heavy use involved with FIRST (2 years replacement coverage on the product). If anyone needs some info about Sear’s tools I can see what I can dig up (and if you’re willing to wait til Thanksgiving I can get some more info as it appears I get to work then…).