GRIP Co-processor bandwidth usage

Our team has been looking into using a co-processor attached directly to our robot to run GRIP, but we had a question concerning how the information traveled along the network: When a co-processor is wired to the robot, do the video feeds and network tables stay on the bot, or are they also sent to the Driver Station?

It does if you send them over… I’m afraid I don’t understand the question.

If you have a camera feed on the dashboard than you will consume bandwidth equal to what the fms will tell you. If there’s nothing in the dashboard than it won’t consume bandwidth

We’re looking at using GRIP on a co-processor, headless since we can’t publish the feed to the DS (due to DS restrictions), we wanted to make sure that the video wasn’t leaving the bot. It’s how I believed it would work, but another mentor had some concerns. Just didn’t want to rely on what I thought.

I believe SmartDashboard has a tool that allows you to view the camera feed, if you want to look into that.

It sounds like op is asking if sending information from their co-processor will take up bandwidth to the same extent sending your video stream to the driver station would. We all know that sending a live camera feed back to the driver station has the possibility to put you over the bandwidth limit. However I believe the main appeal of using the co-processor for vision on the robot itself is that it won’t eat up your bandwidth.

The 7mb/s limit is from the radio on the robot to the driverstation. Not local co-processor to radio to local roborio. Please correct me it I’m wrong though.