GRIP Documentation

Our team is new to using GRIP for video processing and I have
been searching for docs describing all of the choices in
the Operations Palette.

I’ve searched the GRIP site, is there something I am missing,
or do I have to go to the OpenCV site to get this type of

Thanks for the help in advance.

Have you tried the GRIP wiki? There’s an 1.5 hr video tutorial at the bottom of the page:

(link to video in case it’s removed)

Here’s a wiki page that gives a brief overview of most of the operations

jweston, that video’s a deep dive into the internals for developers. It’s not meant (or useful) for users.

Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for!!

Question: How do you get to this link from the Wiki?
I looked all over, could not find it!!

I personally found it by googling “GRIP FRC”. It was the second result, right after WPILib documentation.