GRIP in Network Tables?

Hey, our team is trying to find GRIP in outline viewer and we cannot. We can see the camera feed in SmartDashboard and the camera is connected properly. We essentially trying to use network tables for vision, but this does not seem possible.

NetworkTables requires a server. Usually the robot acts as the server, and programs such as SmartDashboard and GRIP have the team number set to connect to it. Are you connected to a robot with code running on it? If not, you can run OutlineViewer in server mode to make a local server, and then have both GRIP and SmartDashboard connect to it.

We are connected to a robot with code on it. How would you get SmartDashboard and Grip connected to it via team number? And in this case, how does OutlineViewer feed into this?

SmartDashboard has a setting for team number in File | Preferences. It’s been a while since I’ve used GRIP but I believe it has a preferences setting for team number as well. The team number needs to match the team number you are using on your robot.

With the correct team number, they will connect automatically. Does SmartDashboard say Connected in the titlebar? GRIP should have a similar connection status indicator.

OutlineViewer is a tool that lets you see everything in NetworkTables. If you’re connected to a robot, run it in client mode (put in your team number), and it will show you every key/value in real time.

We have the SmartDashboard and GRIP connected by team number. We can see the SmartDashboard in Outline Viewer, but still can’t see GRIP. Is there any code we need to add to the robot? We code in C++. Thanks!

Are you actually having GRIP set any NetworkTable outputs in the GRIP pipeline? By default nothing will show up, the pipeline element is what actually writes the values to NetworkTables.

Oh, that must be it. How do we actually have GRIP set up NetworkTable outputs in the GRIP Pipeline?

Have you set the publish address in the GRIP settings? Are you using the NT Publish operations to publish the data you want?

No, we are not doing that. We are a new to Vision Processing and so far we have gotten the GRIP generated files in the same folder as our robot code. We are unsure as to how to proceed. Our idea right now to publish the GRIP values to Network Tables and then incorporate those values in our robot code. Any help would certainly be appreciated!

You don’t need to if you’re generating code to run on the roborio. Read the screensteps page on using generated GRIP code in a robot program.