GRIP Issues on Windows 7

We’ve just installed GRIP on our team’s programming laptops, and have run into issues with the GUI, and with connecting to our axis camera.

GUI Issue - The sliders are messed up (see the screenshot below), and artifacts in the text

Camera connection issue. We have an axis IP camera that we can view in browser, but GRIP can’t connect to it.

One team member had GRIP on his laptop and it has no GRIP problems, so seems like it might be a single problem causing everything. Any suggestions?

Weird, I’ve never seen that happen before. What’s your GPU? Do you possibly need to update drivers?

A couple other people have had problems using Axis cameras on Windows 7. We’re currently trying to get ahold of a windows 7 computer to try to replicate this, but until then, could you post the specific error you’re getting? Also a screenshot of the full window (assuming it gets that far) would be helpful.

Ok, here’s where we stand…

Dell Latitude with Windows 7 with Intel HD graphics listed in device manager. We have 5 team laptops, the behavior is consistent all. The laptops just had HD’s replaced with SSD and an OS reinstall about 2 weeks ago.

Verified Java JDK matches the GRIP requirement.
Verified that OS is up to date
Verified the graphics card driver is up to date.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both GRIP and JDK. A programmers personal laptop connects just fine with GRIP.

Current Issues:

GUI artifacts as seen in GRIP (screenshot, sliders and text by sliders)
Can’t connect GRIP to IP camera (can connect to camera in browser)
Network Tables not visible

I’m not sure about the GUI artifacts, but we found the cause of IP camera problems on Windows 7, and it should be fine in the v1.2.0 release on Mondayish. We managed to reproduce and fix the problem in a Windows 7 VM.