GRIP + Kangaroo Startup


I recently brought the Kangaroo Mini PC to use with GRIP so that we could run it off of a microprocessor instead of my laptop. It is working great, but I was wondering if anyone knew how we can open GRIP and the Pipeline off start up so we would have to connect a monitor to the kangaroo to Open the Pipeline for every match. I would just leave it open, but since we are powering the Kangaroo with the robot, when the robot turns off, the Kangaroo shuts down. If anyone could help that would be great.

The Kangaroo has an internal battery, and won’t shut down unless it dies because it wasn’t charged. You could make a shortcut and put it in the “startup” folder in windows, but we stopped doing that because the exposure setting on the camera gets reset when it turns off.

Well That’s what I planned on doing, however I was told by my coach you can only have one battery on your robot. Since you have your robot battery, you cant power the kangaroo by its battery alone. This is why I was going to power it by the 12V Regulator. However if you can do this I would love to.

We found the following thread to be very successful/helpful in making this happen.

If a COTS item comes with a battery, it’s legal to use that battery to power that COTS item and any COTS USB devices. See R37 (I pasted the relevant section below)



Additionally, batteries integral to and part of a COTS computing device or self-contained camera
are also permitted (e.g. laptop batteries, GoPro style camera, etc.), provided they’re only used to
power the COTS computing device and any peripheral COTS USB input devices connected to
the COTS computing device and they are securely fastened to the ROBOT

Over Here I was asking about charging the kangaroo on our bot. We use on of these this past weekend. The Robot inspector did question the fact that when the bot was powered off the Kangaroo stayed powered up. They got the LRI to look at it and was quickly cleared since the buck booster that was powering the Kangaroo powered down and the kangaroo could not actuate any robot parts.

Oh and to elaborate on the start up we too added the Grip.exe short cut to the startup folder with the --file command to open the pipeline. The command line options can be found We never use the headless command but suppose it could only make it run faster. We use two cameras this year into the kangaroo. One USB and one IP camera. Then we sent a boolean tag to the networktables to select what camera view to display onto the smartdashboard. It worked well for us. The USB was to show the driver the peg was in the gear. The IP camera had the Exposures tuned down for vision tracking. These setting stay after power cycles. We never did investigate even how to adjust USB camera settings. We done it in Roborio Java code but when connected to a PC HOW?

COTS batteries are allowed if they are integral to a computing device, such as a Kangaroo.