Grip Material

Hi, our team is trying to do a mixture for adding grip to PVC pipes that we are using in our conveyor system, we are planning to use silicone and cornstarch. We want to know if anyone knows or have used some technique like this one.


Why not just use some grip tape?


Use the silicon rubber surgical tubing from mcmaster carr and slide it over top. My suggestion is to get the same ID surgical tubing as your PVC, then use dish soap as a lubricant to slide it over your PVC. (dish soap because it can be cleaned off by water)

Another option is to use compressed air. We used this for a roller last year. Try to seal off the end of the tube, almost clamp the surgical tubing around the air nozzle. Before blowing air, try to get the edge of the surgical tubing started on the tube, and when you blow air, it’ll inflate the end, allowing you to stretch it over easily. I think 1678 may have a video on this.

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A odd solution that has given us success in the past was adhesive backed rubber LEGO tape. Link We used this to grip the inside of hatch panels last year and no real issues once it set in place (takes some time to do so). It was thought that the studs helped with it grippyness as they will rap a bit around your object (increasing surface area) and it seams that they would also help in getting them to go in a particular direction.

I’m all in with the tubing solutions others have posted. If you really want something you apply and have set, I’d recommend something trying something like truck bed liner or flexseal.

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Check out this thread for some more info on grip material for your climb.

Compressed air and Gold Bond worked great for us

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