GRIP on Driver Stattion Connecting to USB Cam on Roborio

We are totally new to vision. We have our cameras connected to the RoboRio via USB. We want to be able to run GRIP onto the Driver Station, only so that prototyping is easier. Is there any way to do this?

Are you using Java, C++, or Labview?

Sorry, I completely forgot to mention that!

You can use the camera server to host an MJPEG stream from a USB camera. Docs

You can add this line to RobotInit() to stream the USB camera with device number 0 (the first camera the OS finds, basically)


And in GRIP, you can add an IP Camera source and use this URL to get the stream:


The port defaults to 1180 or 1181. It’ll increment up to 1189 if you host up to 10 streams at once

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Thank you so much! It works great!

Is there a way to accomplish this if we are using LabVIEW?