GRIP: Orientation of Target Troubles

I am from team 6147 and we are trying to implement vision this year. We have successfully created a Pipeline in GRIP that tracks a Cone contour, but the next step would be to detect its orientation. This would be akin to OpenCV’s minarearect but I can’t seem to find an equivalent in GRIP. I see “CV Rect” but that’s pretty much it. By the way, we are using a Raspberry Pi as a Coprocessor. I am unsure how to approach this, so if someone could shed some light on this situation, that would be awesome!

Team 6147

GRIP is a great tool but doesn’t have every OpenCV function. After you get your contours from the GRIP generated code, run the contours through your own processing such as the minAreaRect. We did that every time we did our own vision (this season will be LimeLight because we don’t have programmers to do our own). This might be an example of how to do it (IIRC).